淘金高阶英语六级巅峰阅读 快速阅读09:到底文森特·梵高与互联网营销有什么关系呢?



what the heck does vincent van gogh have to do with internet marketing?

nothing and everything!

tucked discreetly away on my modest marketing website is a copy of a vincent van gogh portrait i created for a charity fund raiser some years back.a few or the people who have stumbled upon it have sent me puzzling emails-van gogh and internet marketing? what's the connection?

it all boils down to stubborn old learning habits tbat never die!

let me explain-i am trained as an artist-one of the best ways to learn how to draw or paint is to copy the masters. spend a few hours copying a van gogh, a monet or a durer and you will learn more in those few hours than months spent in the classroom pouring over color theories, composition charts, and paint mixtures.

learn by seeing through the eyes of the masters!

they have been there, done that, and they have solved all the major problems for you. it works perfectly and aftists have been learning this way for centuries.

when i first started internet marketing i applied the same method. (did i mention i was stubborn!) a few hours studying the masters-their techniques, their marketing tools, their mindsets-saved me and they will save you from months (if not years) of trial and error.

study the masters first-hand and you will gain a more complete and broader understanding of the different marketing techniques, methods, and systems that these marketers apply. spending a few years studying the top marketers may pay big dividends down the road when you apply all this knowledge to lesser known marketing niches.

many may be skeptical ahout this suggestion, spend two or three years studying top marketers. you've got to be joking!  not really, it's where that old artist training comes in-artists spend a lifetime studying the masters. and never regret a minute of it!

but just how do you find these marketing masters?

finding the masters was the hardest part! with so many proclaimed and self-proclaimed  "gurus" on the web; finding the genuine article among all the "bovine deposits" was extremely difficult.

however. it wasn't long before one name kept popping up, again and again.

mark joyner!

like him or hate him-no one can dispute that he is "the" master of internet marketing. many of today's marketing techniques such as ad tracking. preselling, email marketing, guerrilla tactics, etc. were invented or perfected by joyner.

joyner is one of the absolute most successful internet marketers today. he was active on the net long before most of today's other internet marketers even knew about it. and there is no doubt that he really knows how to market and sell on the internet.

one of his greatest successes was his site searchhound. which he  built from scratch, ran on a zero marketing budget, and then sold for $4,000,000($3,000,000 in cash and $1,000,000 in strike warrants) partly due to the high traffic it received.

his free ebook "search engine secrets",which he wrote several years ago,has been downloaded more than a million times (the last number i heard), and his quality products has been used for a profit by many grateful marketers all around the world.

in or out of internet marketing, joyner is still a major force that's worth some serious study. a few hours studying him and his methods will save you from months of trial and error.

john reese!

another name that keeps popping up-john reese. this is another marketing expert that delivers the "goods"-and the key lies in one word "traffic". traffic is the lifeblood. heartbeat, and main factor that will make or break any internet website. it's the basic reason for the success of any website.

reese has figured out how to deliver traffic to any site on the web. but before you jump and buy some of his traffic secrets products-think twice. is there a better way to get the information!

please don't get me wrong, if you have the money and are short press for time-by all means,go buy his products!

however, if you're on a budget and have some time on your hands-why not go first-hand and study his sites. newsletters, blog, etc. pick them apart piece by piece and you will discover his real "secrets". but more importantly you will have a better understanding of them.

study the structure and layout of his sites, and see what techniques he uses and simply apply them to your own websites and marketing methods.

google to the rescue!

if you're really new to internet marketing, you may be wondering, how do i find these masters, their sites, or their products even? just use google and you will find the links you need to get you started.

perhaps, a simple illustration of my own marketing study system would be helpful. artists love techniques and it's the technique or method of learning that's important here. once you have figured out a way to study the marketing masters-all the other pieces will fall into place.

here's a simple system i use, as mentioned above, traffic is the key to any website's success. therefore, it would he beneficial for me or anyone to seek out a top seo (search engine optimization) expert and study him or her.

i used google to find out who has the top listing/ranking for seo products and internet marketing products in general. one site and one name kept popping up in the number l position over and over again. mike's marketing tools run by seo expert michael wong.

i went in and started studying his site's layout. its linking structure, etc.-this guy knows what he's doing and he has the rankings to prove it.

then i just copied his linking structure and applied it to my own sites. please note, i am not talking about "copying per datum" of any source code or material-that's against the law. but rather the overall design, layout, structure and then taking that information and applying it to my own sites.

three or four days spent studying this master's sites have given me a wealth of information that i have applied to my own sites and it's information that i will be able to use for years to come.

this is just one example of how you can use this old artist training technique to help you learn more about internet marketing. there are many more masters out there, seek them out and study them. your marketing results will thank you!

and by the way, the van gogh is still neatly tucked away on my site. it's a matter of learning. he's my constant reminder-if you want to succeed online-copy the masters.




我的小小营销网站上谨慎地贴着几年前我为一位慈善资金筹集者炮制的一幅文森特·梵高(vincent van gogh)的画像。几个偶尔撞见这幅画的网友发邮件对我表示不解——梵高与互联网营销?它们之间有什么联系呢?





















但是,如果你在做预算,而且手头有的是时间, [7]为什么不亲自研究他的网站、时事通讯和博客等等。把它们分成一块一块地进行研究,你会发现他的真正“秘诀”,但更加重要的是你将对它们有一个更好的理解。













1.what is the passage about?
a) van gogh and the emergence of internet marketing.
b) studying the masters to obtain marketing secrets.
c) the prosperity of art due to internet marketing.
d) introduction of some famous figures in marketing.

2.according to the author. what is the best way to ieani drawing?
a) spending months learning drawing theories.
b) working as a master's assistant.
c) copying the masters works.
d) learning composition charts.

3.when the author first started internet marketing,he__________________.
a) learnt drawing techniqucs from famous artists
b) gained marketing techniques through trial and error
c) studied the techniques that marketers summarized
d) studied marketing masters

4.according to the author, to find out marketing masters, it__________________.
a) was quite easy                 b) needed patience
c) took a long time               d) was very difficult

5.mark joyner's website searchhound which could be sold at a high price was partly attributed to_________________.
a) his tracking marketing technique
b) the high traffic it received
c) his active involvement in internet markets
d) his popular ebook "search engine secrets"

6.what is the key factor that determines the success of any internet website?
a) the operator's mindsets.         b) marketing tools.
c) traffic.                         d) the quality of goods.

7.a better idea than simply buying reese's traffic secrets products is to_____________.
a) attend his lessons regularly
b) download his best-selling books
c) study his sites to find out the secrets
d) make a study of his life and ideas

8.the best seo products run by michael wong is_____________________________.

9.the author doesn't intend to copy per datum of michael wong's website because_______________.

10.the van gogh's portrait was tucked away on the author's website to serve as________________.


解析:要想了解文章的主旨得先通观全文,从文章小标题“透过大师们的眼睛观察并学习”、“如何找到这些营销大师”及文章标题,可得出文章是将模仿大师作品的道理推到网络营销(lnternet marketing)上面来的,因此,本题应选b。

2.[c][定位]根据题干中的the best way,learn drawing查找到第4段首句

3.[d][定位]根据题干中的first,started, internet marketing查找到第1个小标题learn by seeing through the eyes of the masters!下第2段。
解析:原文该部分首句提到当作者第一次开始了互联网营销的时候,就运用了这种方法。本句中的the same method指的是下一句及通篇都提到的study the masters,因此,本题应选d。

4.[d][定位]根据题干中的find out,marketing masters查找到第2个小标题but just how do you find these marketing masters?下首段首句。
解析:原文该句中的the hardest part表明寻找营销大师最棘手,选项d是对此的近义改写,为本题答案。

5.[b][定位]根据题干中的searchhound,sold,high price,partly查找到第3个小标题mark joyner!下第3段。
解析:题干是对原文该部分...searchhound... sold for $4,000,000... partly due to的近义改写,因此句末due to后的内容即为本题答案。

6.[c][定位根据题干中的key factor, determines,the success of any internet website等词查找到第4个小标题john reese!下首段第3、4句。
解析:题目要求查找决定网站成功的主要因索,而原文该部分第3句traffic is...and main factor的句子结构表明该句主语traffic(业务量)就是题目要求查找的因素,c符合题目要求,为本题答案。

7.[c][定位]根据题干中的better idea,traffic secrets products查找到第4个小标题john reese!下第2-4段。

8.[mike's marketing tools]
[定位]根据题干中的seo products查找到最后一个小标题google to the rescue!部分的第4段。
解析:空白处应为名词(词组)。定位原文后,可通过run by找到答案为mike's marketing tools。

9.[it's against the law]
[定位]根据题干中的copy per datum等词查找到最后一个小标题google to the rescue!部分的第6段。
解析:空白处应为主谓句,与because构成原因状语从句。原文该句中的主语与题目的主句的内容相同,破折号引出的是对主句的解释,解释为什么不能“copying per datum”,由此可见,破折号引出的内容就是本题答案。

10.[his constant reminder]
[定位]根据题干中的van gogh's查找到末段。
解析:空白处应为名词(词组)。本题考查作者在网站收藏梵高画像的用意,而最后一段末句说明了作者的用意,在回答本题时要将原文的my constant reminder换成第三人称的his constant reminder。