淘金高阶英语六级巅峰阅读 短句问答06:法律与犯罪



crime is not random. but exhibits certain regularities. it occurs more frequently at certain times,in certain groups, at certain places. and under certain conditions. that is to say, crime has its own cycles, a magazine reported some years ago. police records that were studied for five years from over 2,400 cities and towns correspondingly show a surprising link between changes in the season and crime patterns.

the pattern of crime has varied very little over a long period of years. for particular types of crime, e.g. murder or robbery,variation occurs by season,day, and time of occurrence. generally speaking, murder is more likely to occur during the late spring and summer, peaking in july and august, as are rape and other violent attacks. moreover, murder, is more than seasonal: it is a weekend crime.it is also a nighttime crime: 62 percent of murders are committed between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.

unlike the summer high in crimes of bodily harm, burglary has a different cycle. it is reported that robbery occurs more frequently in the cold winter months reaching its peak during the holiday season. that's why you are most likely to be robbed becween 6 p.m. and 2 a.m. on a saturday night in december, january, or february. what is the most uncriminal month of a11? may-ex-cept for one strange statistic. more dog bites are reported in this month than in any other month of the year.

apparently our intellectual seasonal cycles are completely different from our criminal tendencies. professor huntington, of the foundation for the study of cycles, made extensive studies to discover the seasons when people read serious books, attend scientific meetings, make the highest scores on examinations, and propose the most changes to patents. in all instances, he found a spring peak and an autumn peak separated by a summer low. on the other hand, professor huntington's studies indicated that june is the peak month for suicides and admissions to mental hospitals. june is also a peak month for marriages!

possibly soaring thermometers and high humidity bring on our strange and terrifying summer actions, but police officials are not sure.  "there is,of course, no proof of a connection between hurnidity and murder." they say.  "why murder's high time should come in the summertime we really don't know."








1.a surprising link between changes in the season and crime patterns implies that__________________.

2.according to the passage, murder occurs most frequently in the months of_____________________.

3.according to the passage, a winter midnight is most probably the time for_____________________________.

4.what unusual thing is found in may?

5.what are our intellectual seasonal cycles according to professor huntingcon?


1.[crime has its own eycles/crime exhibits some regularities]
[定位]根据link between changes in the season and crime patterns定位于第1段。
解析:本题实质上是问文章的主题。原文第1句是主题句,随后的第3句用that is to say引出另一种方式来点明主题,故答案可以从这两句得出。

2.[july and august]
解析:第2段第3句中的peaking与题目中的most frequently表意一致,因此答案为peaking之后的两个月份。

[定位]根据winter midnight锁定第3段第3句。
解析:第3段第3句中的december, january, or february正是题干中的winter;且题干中midnight是该句中的between 6 p.m.and 2 a.m.的一个时间点。题干中的most probably也对应该句中的most likely,故可推断答题关键在于该句中的be robbed,而由题干中的for可知此空需填入名词,与for -起构成介宾短语,故答案为rob的名词形式robbery。此外,第3段第1句中的burglary为robbery的同义词,在该段中作为同一种犯罪行为而被提及,故也可为答案。

4.[more dog bites occur in this month./there are more dog bites in may.]
解析:第3段的倒数第2句提到5月份有一项奇怪的统计数据,题干中的unusual thing正对应此句,而随后的一句是对这一句的具体说明,即本题的答案。

5.[peaks in both spring and autumn separated by a summer low]
[定位]根据professor huntington锁定第4段。
解析:解题的关键词是第4段第3句中的in a1l instances,意为“所有的研究”,实指上文提到的关于intellectual seasonal cycles的所有研究,故可推断下文提及的正是这些研究得出的总结,只需简单改写即为本题答案。