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要你命3000新东方GRE核心词汇考法精析List 27 Unit 01

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要你命3000新东方gre核心词汇考法精析list 27 unit 01

veracious            verbatim             verbose              verdant               v   e   r   i  f   y
versimilar               veritable             vernacular                 versatile               verse


【考法1】adj.  诚实的,说实话的:being in the habit of telling the truth
【例】a veracious witness       诚实的证人‖he has a reputation for being veracious, so people generally take
his word for things. 他诚实的名声让其他人通常都相信他说的话
【近】honest, truthful
【反】dishonest, lying, mendacious, prevaricating, untruthful 说谎的,不诚实的 
【考法2】adj.  精确的,准确的: precise, accurate
【例】a novel that presents a fairly veracious and unvarnished picture of the lives of affluent suburbanites 一
【近】accurate, exact, precise, proper, right, true
【反】false, improper, inaccurate, incorrect, inexact, untrue, wrong  不准确的
【派】veracity     n.  诚实



【考法1】adv.  逐字地,一字不差地: in the exact words
【例】 you can't just copy the encyclopedia article verbatim for your report - that's plagiarism. 你不能一字不差
【近】ad verbum, directly, exactly, word for word
【反】inaccurately, inexactly   不准确地
【派】verbalism      n.  言辞,单词


【考法1】adj.  冗长的,啰嗦的:containing more words than necessary
【例】a verbose orator      啰嗦的演讲者‖she has a verbose writing style.       她的文风很啰嗦。
【近】circuitous, circumlocutory, diffuse, garrulous, long-winded, prolix, rambling, verbose, windy
【反】brief, compact, concise, pithy, succinct, terse 简洁的
【派】verbosity     n.  冗长,啰嗦


【考法1】adj.       (因长满植物而)翠绿的,郁郁葱葱的:green with vegetation; covered with green growth
【例】verdant fields   翠绿的田野
【近】green, grown, leafy, luxuriant, overgrown
【反】barren, impoverished, infertile, leafless, sterile 贫瘠的



【考法1】vt.  校验,证实:to determine or test the truth or accuracy of, as by comparison, investigation, or
【例】we need to verify your passport. 我们需要校验阁下的护照。
【近】attest, authenticate, certify, corroborate, substantiate, support, validate, vindicate
【反】disprove, rebut, refute    反驳,驳斥
【派】verified     adj.  经证实的;verification      n.  证实


【考法1】adj.  似乎真实的:appearing to be true or real
【例】a verisimilar tale     一个似乎为真的传奇
【近】likely, plausible, probable
【反】implausible, incredible, unbelievable  难以置信的


【考法1】adj.  真正的,确实的: being in fact the thing named and not false, unreal, or imaginary
【例】a veritable manuscript      一份原稿
【近】authentic, credible, genuine, real, true, unquestionable, bona fide
【反】bogus, counterfeit, fake, false, mock, phony, pseudo, sham, spurious伪造的,虚假的



【考法1】n.  方言:a nonstandard language or dialect of a place, region, or country
【例】phrases that occur in the common vernacular  常见方言中的词组
【近】argot, cant, dialect, jargon, lingo, slang

【考法2】adj.  非正式的,口头的:used in or suitable for speech and not formal writing
【例】writes essays in a very easy-to-read, vernacular style     用一种易懂的口头化风格写作
【近】conversational, informal, nonliterary, vulgar
【反】bookish, formal, learned, literary 书面的,正式的


【考法1】adj.  多才多艺的,全能的:able to do many different kinds of things
【例】we have found a versatile baseball player who can play any position.         我们发现了一个能打任何位置
【近】adaptable, all-around, ambidextrous, protean, universal
【反】limited       受限制的,有限的

【考法2】adj.  易改变的:changing or fluctuating readily
【例】a versatile disposition     多变的性格
【近】capricious, changeable, fluid, inconstant, mercurial, skittish, temperamental, variable, volatile
【反】certain,  changeless,  constant,  immutable,  invariable,  settled,  stable,  stationary,  steady,  unchangeable,
unvarying     固定的,不变的



【考法1】vt.  使精通,使熟悉:to familiarize by close association, study, or experience
【例】well versed in the theater     精通剧院‖while in prison, he versed himself in the rights of the incarcerated.
【近】acquaint, familiarize, inform
【反】misinform, mislead 误导

【考法2】n.  诗歌:a composition using rhythm and often rhyme to create a lyrical effect
【例】composed a short verse for his father’s birthday      为他父亲的生日创作了一首小诗
【近】ballad, lyric, poetry, song
【反】prose         散文

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