经典900句突击雅思口语高分 常考问题1-5:食物

1.What food do you like or dislike?


I like spicy food, especially that with unique flavour of Sichuan,for the look and taste of the dishes really work up  appetites. Sweet food is the last kind of food I’d choose which always causes me acidity.


2.Can you say something about healthy food and eating habits?


Healthy food is at the bottom of the Food Pyramid. It provides lots of nourishment but is low in fat. Fruits and  vegetables,for example, are high in fibre and packed with vitamins and minerals,especially vitamins A, C,and E. They  are also low in calories and virtually fat free.

健康食品是在食物金字塔的最底部。它提供 很多的营养但是脂肪含量很低。比如水果和  蔬菜,富含纤维、维生素以及矿物质,特别是维生素A、C和E。它们同样也是低热量的而几乎不含脂肪。

The best eating habits in my opinion should be: eat a variety of different foods and eat the right amount. It is all  about getting the right balance. There are no good or bad foods,but how you combine foods together each day and each week  is important. All foods can be enjoyed as part of a healthy eating plan if they are eaten in reasonable amount.

在我看来,健康的饮食习惯应该是:吃很多不同种类的食物而且数量适当。尽量做到饮食平衡。并没有好的或不好的食物,重要的是看你每天和 每周如何搭配食物。只要摄取适量,所有的食物都可做为健康饮食计划的一部分。

3.What is your opinion about consuming wild animals?


I consider it a“bad habit"of putting wild animals on the dinner table,the popularity of consuming wild animals in China  is mostly based in the belief that these animals are more nutritious than domestic ones, and therefore good for the  health. But experts have a different view. Diseases suffered by animals and the toxic element in their bodies can easily  affect the people who eat them, sometimes with fatal consequences. What’s more,many wild animals are poisoned to death  by poachers,and the poisons can remain in their bodies for a long time, so it is extremely hazardous to consume such  animals?

我认为吃野生动物是一个“不好的嗜好”,在中国流行吃野生动物主要是由于人们认为这些动物比饲养的动物更有营养,因此对健康有 益。但是专家持有不同的观点。动物身上的疾病以及身体上有毒的元素很容易影响到吃它们的人,有时会有致命的后果。此外,很多野生动物是 被偷猎者毒死的, 毒素会残留在它们的身体里很长一段时间,因此吃这种野生动物是极为危险的。

4.Do people pay more attention to healthy food nowadays?


Yes,I think so,especially after the terrible spread of SARS in 2003. People come to realize that a healthy body comes  from a healthy eating habit. People used to pay more attention to the taste of food rather than the nourishment. As a  result, they include a lot of high fat and high sugar food in their daily diet. Some even totally neglected the in-take of  fruits and vegetables which are high in fibre and vitamins. It’s not the case now. People tend to choose a variety of  different foods to get vitamins,minerals,fibre,protein and energy they need for good health.

是的,我是这么认为的,特别是 在2003年“非典”的可怕蔓延之后,人们开始意识到健康的身体来自于健康的饮食习惯。人们过去常常更关注口味而不是营养。结果是,他们每 天的饮食包含大量的高脂肪、高糖的食品。有些人甚至完全忽视摄入富含纤维和维生素的水果和蔬菜。现在不是这样了。人们倾向于选择多种不 同的食物来获取他们需要的对健康有益的维生素、矿物质、纤维、蛋白质以及能量。

5.Compare people's eating habits in modern times and those in the past.


In the past,people ate less meat,because it was extremely expensive and hard to get.And people seldom ate out since  there weren't many restaurants for them to go to. Nowadays, people's living standard has been improved a great deal,and  meat has become a necessary part in people's daily diet. Fast food is especially welcomed among young people who are busy  with their work or study.

过去,人们吃肉比较少,因为非常贵也很难买到。而且人们很少出去吃饭,因为没有那么多的饭店可去。现在,人 们的生活水平有了很大的改善,肉类成为人们每天饮食中必要的部分。快餐特别受工作或学业繁忙的年轻人的欢迎。

6.Are people healthier than they were ten years ago?


I'm afraid not. It's true that people are better off but unhealthy eating habits have brought much trouble to them. Many  office workers neglect their breakfast and enjoy fast food that is high in fat and calorie. This was not the case ten  years ago when people lived on high fibre food,and the pace of life was so slow that there was not much stress from work  or study ?

恐怕不是的。人们确实是更富裕了,但是不健康的饮食习惯带给他们很多麻烦。很多办公室工作者忽视早餐而很喜欢高脂肪高热量的 快餐。这不像十年前人们以高纤维食物为主,而且生活节奏很慢,并没有多少工作或学习上的压力。

7 .Do you like eating out?


Yes, I do. It’s quite convenient,you know.You don’t need to worry about cooking and washing. All you need to do is  relax and order any food you love?

是的,我喜欢。你也知道的,这非常方便。你不需要发愁做饭和刷碗。你需要做的就是放松以及点任何你 喜欢的食物。

8.What is your favourite restaurant? Why?


Well,I seldom eat out,but one restaurant impressed me deeply. It was several years ago when I was in Beijing. A friend  of mine invited me to have dinner at the old Peking Noodle Restaurant,which faithfully carries on the old eating customs  from a hundred year ago. Diners all sit around square tables which are painted dark red and the waiters (no waitresses can  be found there) wear traditional costumes with white towels on the shoulders. The food they serve there is said to be  genuine old Peking snacks that aren't available elsewhere.

嗯,我很少去饭馆吃饭, 但是有一个餐厅给我留下很深的印象。是几年前我 在北京的时候,我的一个朋友请我去老北京面馆吃饭,那里如实地继承了一百年前的老式饮食风俗。食客们都围着方桌坐成一圈,桌子被漆成深 红色,男服务员(那里 没有女服务员)穿着传统的装束,肩膀上还搭着白毛巾。那里的食物据说是别的地方没有的真正的老北京小吃。

9.When do people go out eating?


Sometimes people go out eating just for a gettogether. They usually find a favourite restaurant and chat there. Or,as is  growing more popular, many people go to restaurant for traditional family reunion dinners on New Year's Eve,known as  nianyefan. And sometimes people go out eating simply for improving the relationship between business partners?

有时人们就是 为了聚会而去饭馆吃饭。 他们通常会找一家最喜欢的饭馆吃饭聊天。 或者,越来越流行的,很多人为了除夕夜传统的合家团圆饭而去饭馆,这 就是所谓的 “年夜饭”。有的时候人们去饭馆吃饭只是简单地为了增进商业伙伴之间的关系。

10.When do you usually eat out?


Generally speaking,I usually eat out a lot. You know,I usually feel so tired that don't feel like doing anything after  studying for the whole day. So I usually run into McDonald or KFC to grab a quick bite and then drag myself home to get  some sleep. But it is certainly not the thing that happens every day. As I am only a student, there is no way for me to  splash money about by eating out everyday. So I would say it really depends. It depends on whether I have enough pocket  money or not?

一般来说,我通常都出去吃饭。在完成一整天的学习之后,我经常都觉得筋疲力尽,什么也不想做了。因此我 经常都会去麦当劳 或者肯德基来顿快餐,然后拖着疲惫的身体回家睡觉。但也并不是每天都这样的。由于我现在还是个学生,这也就意味着我不可能每天都在外面 吃,所以要视情况而定。这就取决于我是否有零花钱了。

11.Who would prefer to eat out more,the youngsters or the elder people?


Talking about this question,youngsters are definitely the demographic who are more likely to eat out. They are always  popping into nice restaurants,ordering expensive food while catching up with their friends. But it would turn out to  become totally another picture when it comes to the elder people. They tend to stay at home,cooking on their own.

谈到这个 问题,从统计数字来 看,年轻人显然更喜欢去外面吃。他们总是出现在一些漂亮的饭店,点最贵的食物来招待他们的朋友。但是如果是老年人的 话,就完全是另一番景象了。他们趋向于待在家里,自己做饭吃。