Growing Pains Season one  成长的烦恼第一季台词

Jason: Ok, here we go, how many for scrambled eggs?....... Ok how many for last night’s liver?..... how many for scrambled eggs?

Ben: Dad, I’m having some trouble with my science project

Jason: Uh hu. You need some help with it?

Ben: I need to know what it is

Jason: Well what are you studying in science?

Ben: Science stuff.

Jason: OK, its a good start. Carol what did you do for your third grade science project?

Carol: Well I constructed a compound of monodychloride to polodychlorides that were capable of withstanding excessive heat and mechanical stress.

Jason: Mike?

Mike: I ran tests to see how high a super-bowl would bounce.

Jason: Well at least we've now defined the boundaries of science

Maggie: Morning everybody

Everybody: Hi

Carol: You look nice.

Maggie: Thanks

Jason: You sure do.

Jason: You want some eggs?

Maggie: No time. I've got this eight thirty interview on this toxic waste story. Do you realize that they are just dumping this stuff all over Long Island? It may very well be in our water, even our food.

Mike: Even in our eggs

Maggie: I'm going to be late. Bye everybody

Everybody: Bye

Jason: Bye bye, see you at lunch

Maggie: Lunch?

Jason: Yeah, you were going to meet me back here for lunch.

Maggie: Oh Jason, i'm sorry. I completely forgot

Jason: No problem. So I’ll see you about noon?

Maggie: Well the problem is I don't think I’ll have time to come home.

(Jason puts some egg in Ben’s plate)

Ben: It's your cooking dad. Take her out.

Jason: Good idea. Listen why don't I just come by there and I’ll take you out for lunch?

Maggie: Oh gee, i'm not sure what time i'll be free. I don't want you to wait around

Jason: That's no problem. It'll be fun for me. I haven't seen you in action at your office

Maggie: Well I, umm

Mike: Mum. Come on, the guys begging for a date. I don't know how much more of this I can watch

Maggie: Ok, ok

Jason: See you later

Maggie: Bye bye

Mike: Yes!

(At noon,Jason goes to Maggie’s office, Maggie’s on phone)

Maggie: No. No no. Mrs. Curwick, you see we suspect that East Town is giving you and your neighbors a lot of false information about what’s been dumped in that reservoir.

Right...right..ah hu..You see that's just what I mean. There's no such thing as chunky style water. Uh hu. For the record, good.

(Jason knocks on the door)

Maggie: Oh, just one minute

Jason: Mind if I make a call?

Maggie: Sure, right over there.

(Jason goes over but finds a strange box shining with many electronic red lights)

Jason: I wanna place a call not launch an MX missile.

(接通电话,坐在旁边一个超大的椅子里) Hello! This is Dr Seaver! Is Mr Anderson in please? …Oh! I’m sorry. I must have misdialed then. I was… No, no , I don’t wish to place a classified ad. Oh, I’m sure that's a very good per word price, but… no I want to just try to get an outside line here… No, i'm not going to be placing the ad with anyone else. I’m trying to reach a patient… Mildly schizophrenic , dellusional, illusions of grander, occasional …

Maggie:(to colleage) Lets go with this one.

(to phone)Yes, yes, I’ll be right with you Mrs. Curwick.. ah hu…and this one.

Jason: Maggie! I think I just levelled Moscow

Maggie: Ok. I’m all set here.

Jason: So, what do you wanna eat?

Fred: Hi, Mags, wanna grab some lunch?

Jason: Mags?

Maggie: Fred, I want you to meet my husband, Jason Seaver.

Fred: Oh, gees, I didn't even see you down there.

Maggie: Jason, this is Fred Mathers. Fred's the one i'm working with on the toxic waste story.

(Jason 想从包厢一样的沙发中起来)

Fred: Oh! No! No! Don’t get up! It's really nice to meet you!

Jason: Well, it’s nice to meet you, too.

Fred: Mags has told me a lot about you.

Jason: Why didn’t you tell me about Fred?

Fred: Well poor Mags is stuck with me all day. I'm sure the last thing she wants to do when she gets home is talk about me.

Maggie: That’s not true! I told you about Fred just yesterday. Don’t you remember?

Jason: Oh! Yeah! Well. I think I just picture you differently. Balder. Fatter.

Fred: Well, that’s the public for you. They think we all look like Lou Grant. Thank God Mags doesn't, hey Jason?

Maggie: Eh. Jason and I were just about to grab a bite.

Fred: Well I won't keep you. Excuse me. Oh! Mags, I will need to see you for a couple of minutes before that meeting at 2 o’clock. It’… It’s 1:30 now.

Maggie: Oh…

Jason: Well look Fred. Why don’t you just join us for lunch?

Fred: Oh no. I don't want to....

Jason: No, no, I insist. You two have work to do together.

Fred: It’s very nice of you, Jason. Mags, I didn’t tell you. Two of these goons tried to muscle me when I was in East Town.

Jason: Must have been some big goons.

(Night,in the Seaver’s)

Mike: Come on, Carol, why can’t you just write this essay for me?

Carol: Because it’s your assignment

Mike: Yeah but you'd do a better job, I mean, look, you’re standing on principle and the result is that the essay suffers. And do you really want that on your conscience?

Carol: That’s a private hell I choose to live within.

(Two kids slip down on the floor。)

Jason: Maggie? Thought I heard a car door slam ?

Mike: No. You know, Dad no matter how many times I ask neighbors to please climb out of their windows, they insist on using those doors.

Jason: Don’t be a wise guy, Mike. Carol, what time does your watch say?

Carol: En, ten o three. Why? Is yours broken?

Jason: No, no, It says ten o two. Just thought it might have stopped

Mike: Apparently it did Dad. But it sounds like you've nipped it in the bud.

(phone rings)

Jason: Maggie! Fred! Hi! Yeah! No, I'll have her call you right away! Ok, You too. Yeah,Bye, Bye!

Carol: Fred?

Jason: Yeah! Fred is the guy your mother’s working on that toxic waste story with. Seems like a nice guy. Very nice. Darn nice.

Carol and Mike: Oooh!

Jason: Will you guys act your age ?

Carol and Mike: Ooooh!

Maggie: Hi! Everybody!

M&C: Hi! Mom!

Jason: Maggie! I didn't even hear your car door slam.

Maggie: Well, eh, I’ll try and do it louder next time. Well guys, how’re things going? What did you do today?

Mike: Well, I went …

Jason: Nothing! They’re children. They have boring uneventful lives. How was your day? Tell us about that story.

Maggie: I’m sorry our lunch got turned into a work session.

Jason: You’re kidding. That was great for me. That was shocking for me to discover how little I knew about sludge . What about the East Town dump?

Maggie: Oh, honey! I am really bushed. I’d rather not even think about that stuff for a while. Ok?

Jason: Ok! Sure!

Mike: Oh, Dad. Don’t forget to tell her Fred just called.

Maggie: Oh! Fred called? Oh good. I need to talk to him. We're going to break that story tomorrow if it means working through the night. Oh, I just cannot wait to nail those creeps.

Maggie: Fred? Hi. Ah, you're kidding?

(next morning)

Jason: So how did everyone enjoy my first forein in the wonderful world of pancakes?

Mike: Dad, beat the heck out of your forein in the wonderful world of liver.

Ben: Dad, did they have Science Projects when you were in third grade?

Mike: Ben, when Dad was in the third grade they didn’t have science. In fact when Dad was in the third grade, they didn’t HAVE the third grade.

Jason: Mike, they say the sense of humour is the final stage of child development. You ought to feel it coming on any time now. Yes, Ben, I did a wonderful project in third grade. I grew mould on bread.

Ben: On purpose?

Jason: Yes. Yes. I determined that mould(霉菌) would grow faster on white bread than on pumpernickel

Ben: I think I should strike out in new directions.

Jason: Well, What you really have to do is find something that interests you and that way the project will teach you the most.

Carol: The ride's here . Bye! Mom!

Maggie: Bye! Sweetie. Have a good day!

Mike: Bye mom. Nice talking to you. You look good again.

Maggie: Thanks. Looking good yourself.

Mike: Oh, yeah, you know. Been cutting down on the beer.

Ben: Me too.

Maggie: I'm out of here too. Oh remember Fred and I will probably be working late again tonight.

Jason: OK. So, what time do you think you'll be home?

Maggie: Well, it’s hard to …

Jason: To estimate!

Maggie: Oh, I don’t know. Between 9 and 11. Might say.

Jason: You call that an estimate? No an estimate is 9:05 9:06.

Maggie: Ok. Let’s say between 10 and 10:15?

Jason: Well which one? 10 or 10:15?

Maggie: I don’t know Jason. It’s only 15 minutes.

Jason: It’s only 15 minutes? Maggie a lot can happen in 15 minutes. The Titanic sunk in 15 minutes. Charlton Heston Picked up 10 commandments in 15 minutes. Our first child was conceived in 15 minutes. Tops!

Maggie: Jason. Are you jealous?

Jason: Jealous? Of what?

Maggie: Of me and Fred…you know, working late …

Jason: Of you and…? That’s a comical farce.

Maggie: Jason, you’re jealous! So kind of you are.

Jason: Oh, no, I’m not jealous! I’m a psychiatrist. I’m also a man with a heightened degree of self-awareness. And for that reason, I can admit to a certain sense of loss over the fact you now share things with a professional colleague. Until 10 or 11 at night. Things you and I are unable to share.

But I hasten to add that I would feel exactly the same way if your colleague were a woman.

Maggie: Well, You are probably right.

Jason: But that’s probably not about it, Meg. Analyzing people’s motivation is what I do for a living. I’m not sexually jealous. I have far too much faith in you to ever be sexually jealous.

And I would appreciate it if you had the same faith of me.

Maggie: I’m sorry, Jason. I was just kidding.

Forgive me?

Jason: Well, ok!

Maggie: Ok? I’ll see you later! Good

Jason: So what time you think you'll be home?

(At night,Jason and kids are at home,Jason keeps knocking the table with a pencil)

Carol: Mike! Cut it out!

Mike: What! I wasn’t doing anything!

Jason: Mike! Stop bothering your sister.

Mike: Dad, what’s another word for election?

Carol: Plebiscite.

Mike: I didn’t ask you! I asked Dad.

Carol: What’s the difference?

Mike: The difference is I don’t wanna know from you!

Carol: Sorry!

Mike: How do you spell it?

Carol: Why should I tell you how to spell it?

Mike: Because I asked you.

Carol: I thought you didn’t want to know things from me.

Mike: What are you, a lawyer? I mean I’m trying to do you a favour here by finding a use for your brain. I don't know why you turn on me like a wild dog?

(Ben puts a clip on carol’s nose and makes noises)

Carol: Cut it out.

Ben: Female subject grabs wrist at third clip.

(Ben starts to test Mike)

Mike: You do that again and I'll kill you.

Ben: Male subject threatens death after first clip.

Jason: Ben, what are you doing?

Ben: It's my science project. I'm testing to see how long it takes certain people to response to certain stimuli.

Jason: Well, it's not a good science project, so stop it.

Ben: But you told me to do something that interests me. Mike and Carol interest me more than mould.

Jason: That's a touching sentiment , Ben. Now, cut it out .

Ben: What's with him?

Mike: He doesn't like you. He never has. Hey, Dad, when's mom coming home?

Jason: Do I look like a Gene Dickson Mike? Your mother's a working adult. And when she’s finished working, she will come home.

Ben: I wish she'd get here cos she thinks of great science projects

Jason: She does?

Ben: Last year she picked tadpoles.

Jason: Well that's it then!

Ben: I can't do tadpoles again. They keep these things on file.

Jason: No, I mean your mother. We should be asking your mother what to do. I think I'll go down to that newspaper office right now and ask her.

Mike: Dad, why don’t you just call her?

Jason: Obviously you haven't seen the PHONES they have down there. Believe me it will be a lot simpler in this way.

Carol: Won't that be bothering her, dad?

Jason: Absolutely not. No, no, your mother wants to be involved in these decisions. Besides, I don't like the idea of her being down at the office this late at night all by herself.

Carol: She's not all by herself. Fred's with her.

Jason: Even so.


(Maggie’s office, a shadow comes on the window.)

Maggie: Fred, who's that?

Fred: I don't know. The janitor?

Maggie: No one who cleans for a living would press his nose against glass.

Fred: Bet it's one of those goons from the East Town dump site.

Maggie: Oh, I'll call the police.

(the two in the office prepare for fight)

Jason: Wuuh!

Fred: Jason!

Maggie: Jason?

Fred: You are all right?

Maggie: Oh! Honey?

Fred: I'm sorry.

Maggie: Sit down.

Jason: No, no I'm fine. Of course my nose stopped the door before it could hit my face.

Maggie: Jason, what are you doing here?

Jason: What am I doing here? It’s about Ben.

Maggie: Jason, what's it, is it serious?

Jason: Oh, of course, it's serious. I wouldn’t come down here if it wasn't serious, would I? I don't know what to do with the boy. Maggie, he's got attitude about mould and it’s just not ethical for him to do tadpoles again

Fred: Excuse me. This sounds personal.

Maggie: You came down here to check out upon me, didn't you?

Jason: Oh, oh, that's great, that's just great. I come down to discuss the welfare of our youngest son, our baby——if you will? And you twist it into something sordid. I have a good mind I should just turn around and walk out of here right now.

Maggie: I don't believe this. I mean you thought, you actually thought there was something going on between me and Fred.

Jason: Aha…I can't even dignify that with a response… You like him better than me, don't you?

Maggie: Jason!

Jason: Oh, Maggie. Admit it. I'm not a complete idiot.

"Maggie, you wanna eat eggs?” "No time”; “Maggie, how about we meet for lunch?"; "Oh, I completely forgot"; "Maggie, how's your day today"; "I don't wanna talk about it at all"; "Fred called?" "Oh, I HAVE TIME to talk to him!"

Maggie: Oh, Jason...

Jason: Don't "Jason" me, Maggie! And I've also been watching the way you are dressing lately.

And now I understand. It's because when he looks at you, he looks at you as if you...,as if you were a woman.

Maggie: Yes, you know, and at first, I couldn't figure that out , and then it dawned on me: I AM a woman!

Jason: So you admit it? You're into this Maggie. You enjoy it.

Maggie: Yes, I enjoy it. People find me interesting that makes me feel good. What's wrong with that?

Jason: Oh, What's wrong with it is that you're putting your husband through a living hell. And Maggie, I would never do that to you!

Maggie: Ah!

Jason: What do you mean "Ah"?

Maggie: "Ah" means I spent 15 years in sweat pants cleaning toilets while you went down to your office in your sexy psychiatrist sweater and your sexy psychiatrist jacket...

Jason: But my jacket aren't sexy, Maggie. They are tweed .

Maggie: Women die for tweed.

Jason: I don't have any control over that.

Maggie: And how many nights did I spend watching your brocolli go limp, while I was waiting for you to come home?

Jason: I was fighting traffic Maggie.

Maggie: Yeah, with that brilliant young psychiatrist in your car pool.

Jason: Dr. Rosen Bloom?

Maggie: Dr. Jennifer Rosen Bloom who as I noticed, always managing to ride in the front seat next to you

Jason: Maggie, she had very long legs!

Maggie: Well, that's a relief. I hope leg room wasn't a problem when the two of you jetted off to Chicago for that psychiatric convention.

Jason: We were writing a paper together, Maggie.

Maggie: Yes, I remember it——"Human Sexual and inhibitions: Use Them Or Lose Them".

Jason: Maggie, that was strictly a professional relationship!

Maggie: What do you think this is?

Jason:…… Was that a rhetorical question ?

Maggie: Waiting for someone else to come home all the time is hard Jason. But you get better at it.

Jason: I hope so. Suddenly I feel very silly.

Maggie: "silly" is a strong word. Not entirely inappropriate , but strong. Jason, I love you, I could never cheat on you.

Jason: Yeah.

Maggie: Yeah.

Jason: Well, thank you.

Maggie: You are welcome...caterpillars!

Jason: What?

Maggie: It's obvious Ben should do caterpillars!

Jason: Oh now that's a great idea!

Maggie: Thanks.

Jason: It's a good thing I came down here tonight.

Jason: So how's Ben doing with his caterpillars?

Carol: Somebody else was already doing caterpillars. Ben had to think of a new project

Jason: A new project? Please. Pretty good.

Mike: It's yum!

Ben: Hey! Where's my mould experiment?

(All looking at the bread in the hand)