Growing Pains Season one  成长的烦恼第一季台词

Maggie: Jason, I don't know what I can do about dinner. I gotta work late tonight, or I would never finish that story. Don't forget Mike start that dentist appointment at three.

Jason: I can take him. I cancelled my three o'clock patient, and moved my cluster ferment back to six.

Maggie: Great, any cook?

Jason: Well, maybe. As long as there isn't wrong with the elevator.

Maggie: Never mind, I'll pick up something.

Jason: You know how long it's been sensual ??, we've been not along together

Maggie: We're along now.

Jason: I'm talking about "along" I mean without our children, without our work, without our clothes.

Ben: Hey, mom, where are my wings?

Mike: Houston, a short time. I am going to down in the kitchen.

Ben: Come on Mike, I've got to the dress rehearsal in ten minutes

Mike: Oh, no, enemy plane, there's gotta be a definitely dog fight by new.

Ben&Carol: Mom!

Jason: OK, Mike, please stop shooting your sister and give the kid back his wings.

Mike: OK, OK, OK. And Seaver steals the ball in mid-court , he fakes left, fakes right, goes up and, scoring!

Jason: Hello?

Maggie: That's it! Now the last one on that school bus has to eat his father's pancakes for a week. Bye!

Jason: Nice!

Maggie: Oh, I am sorry. Honey, how can I make it up?

Jason: Well, see if this gives you any ideas.

Maggie: Brown’s gorilla takes a bride?

Jason: No, no, read that.

Maggie: Mount snow?? get-away weekend,189.95.Oh, Jason, look. It's the Hardly Inn. Remember last time we were there?

Jason: Yeah, fifteen years ago.

Maggie: Right after we were married.

Jason: As I recalled, we never did use our lift tickets

Maggie: And 9 months later, we have Mike.

Jason: Maybe we should have done a little skiing.

Maggie: Well, It would be fun if we’ve done that sometime

Jason: Well, how about this weekend?

Maggie: What?

Jason: Yeah, come on, Maggie. Why don't we just go for?

Maggie: Really?

Jason: Really!

Maggie: Well, It would be so much fun. That's it, 189.95 times 2... do you think they’ll charge full price for Ben

Jason: No, no, no. Because I am talking about "Benless" weekend. A "Benless", "Carolless", "Mikeless" weekend.

Maggie: That's a pretty "schooless" guestless.

Jason: Yeah. well Call me a snarl??.

Maggie: Oh, Jason. Where can we find a sitter on such a short notice.

Jason: Well, I have a perfect candidate.

Maggie: Who?

Jason: Sit down!

Maggie: Not Mike!

Jason: I beg you to sit down!

Maggie: But Jason, we’ve never let him be in charge for more than six hours!

Jason: If our own homemade policy covers most of that. Come on, that won't be a problem.

Maggie: Honey, he is fifteen years old, he even doesn't have a driver license

Jason: He doesn't have to drive the house, he only has to sit in it.

Maggie: Honey, It's just such a big step.

Jason: I agree it's a very big step...for us.

Maggie: What do you mean?

Jason: Well, I mean it's's tough a bit sometime that your kids is growing up.

Maggie: Jason, the boy just slammed down a great fruit to his brother's halo.

Jason: Well, I think Mike should be able to handle something like this. The question is: can we handle it?

Maggie: You really think it will be OK?

Jason: I really think it will be OK.

Maggie: OK. If they can handle, I can handle.

Jason: Then you'll go?

Maggie: You bet.

Jason: And you'll kick back and relax?

Maggie: Jason, you are looking at the first lady of relaxation.

Maggie: OK, one more time, emergency phone numbers.

Kids: In the kitchen on the refrigerator

Maggie:OK, poison drills , strong alkali, acid, petroleum products.

Kids: Call the fireman and drink milk.

Maggie: Everything else?

Kids: Check the doctor and Throw up.

Jason: where's the first lady of relaxation?

Maggie: Just going over a few things, Jason. Let’s come and not be delayed?

Jason:Hey, Mike, here's a hundred dollars.

Mike: I can get this for doing nothing, but, thanks.

Jason: That’s for emergency use only.

Mike: So I can fill an emergency dates? Just kidding, dad. I find that humor can keep a little on its ease.

Jason: Thanks what you'll do, Mike.

Maggie: Now I want you guys all try and get along. Mike is in

Mike: And I want to reassure you that if anything should go a miss, just it would be a swift , and severe.

Carol: Dad. Don't you think there should be like a system of checks and balance here. I mean...I can accept that Mike has a certain authority, just Ben and I have...

Ben: Baseball bats.


Mike: I'll get that.

Man: Good afternoon. I'm from the Faxross Encyclopedia Company

Mike: I am sorry, sir, but my parents really don't have time at the moment, you see they are about to go away for the weekend.

Man: Oh. Ok. Well, thank you anyway. Have a nice trip.

Maggie: Mike, you should never, ever tell someone like that your parents aren’t gonna be at home.

Jason: Not up to a great start, Mike.

Mike: OK, OK, I mean this guy does not look like a psycal killer type

Maggie: Hi, Seaver, tell me, smart guy, what exactly does a cycle killer type look like?


Jason: That's very good.

Maggie: OK. that's it, That's it, That's everything. Look, by the time we get to the hotel it might be late. What are you guys gonna do tonight.

Mike: Probably just hang on.

Maggie: OK, we'll call you in the morning.

Mike: Right.

Jason: We are out of here.

Maggie: Your father and I rely on you, Mike. We have the up most confidence in your ability to take care of the house and …my babies.

Jason: No time.

Maggie: We wouldn't be doing this if we didn’t trust in Mike

Jason: Maggie, let's go.

Maggie: OK, OK, Well, bye, everybody.


Maggie: Oh, Jason, look at this.

Jason: Looks great.

Maggie: It's the same room we had fifteen years ago. Same furniture, same view.

Jason: Same bar of soap. Not everything the same, now they...sanitized the toilet for our protection.

Maggie: I'm sure they hold up this as long as they could.

Jason: Remember what we did here? The very first night? You were crazy! You’re still that crazy?

Maggie: Oh, I don't know...

Jason: Fine, I dare you.

Maggie: Double dare?

Jason: You are? You are crazy after all these years. Look out.

Maggie: You know maybe we should call the kids

Jason: If somebody said we should call the kids?

Maggie: I mean they feel so... far away

Jason: Yeah?

Maggie: You know, 300 miles away?

Jason: Yeah

Maggie: Imagine how tiny they look from 300 miles

Jason: Yeah.

Maggie: How lost, how helpless, how abandon.

Jason: Maggie, it's after ten. We said we'd call them in the morning.

Maggie: I know.

Jason: And Ben's asleep. You won't wake them up now, do you?

Maggie: Aha. Sweetheart, why don't you just start packing up something

Jason: OK, I'll start by putting away your sweater. Hi, honey, what's the matter?


Maggie: Jason, the phone rang seven times and nobody get in to...eight, nine, ten... Jason, that's twenty-seven rings

Jason: Maybe they are sound in sleep...

Maggie: Twenty-nine rings. three people could not say to ...30 rings

Jason: It's only 10 rings a piece. Wait a minute, come on, let me try, OK, maybe you've dialed the wrong number.

Maggie: A wrong number, you're right, I could have done that. I don't think I did, but if that I would be better.

Jason: No answer. Yeah, honey, that's only four rings

Maggie: Plus my thirty, Jason, something's wrong. What could it be?

Mike: Well, roast hamburger. All right.

Carol: Mike, do you really think mom and dad would let us have barbecue?

Ben: What's big wow, Carol? We’ve had barbecue before.

Carol: Never in the living room.

Ben: It's just got point there.

Mike: Yeah, All right, I'll do it in the kitchen. Hey, how does the thing work anyway? Oh, never mind, I'll get it.

Ben: Hey, Carol, hand me another glass. Come on, Mike, I warn you might rare.

Carol: Get anything to cover the fire.(碰翻了Ben摆的杯子)

Ben: Unbelievable, now I have to start all over again!

Carol: It’s too late. It's out of control.

Mike: This is to mean we’re out tonight

Jason: Maggie, I think your imagination's got the better of you. Mike will not barbecue our house.

Maggie: But what's going on? Why won't they answer the phone?

Jason: Why won't we think about this commonly for a minute, ok? We know they won't do anything crazy. Maybe they just decide to do something together. Something they could all enjoy.

Mike: Chapter one. My father's family name being Phillip, and my Christian name Phillip. My infant tongue couldn’t make both names nothing longer and more explicit than Pip.

Mike: I'll get it.

Ben: Darn, I was just getting to do it.

Carol: Remember what mom said? Don't open the door to strangers.

Mike: Oh! He’s not a stranger. He is somebody we know.

Stranger: Good evening .

Mike: Hi. How are you! Come on, in.

Stranger: Thank you. Thank you very much. You kids are all alone.

Mike: No problem, sir. Any decision needs to be made? I can handle it.

Stranger: Oh! In that case, I have something very special. I like to show you. All right, hands up. Over by the couch.

Ben: Unbelievable.

Mike: Do you think that machine gun is gonna make us buy your one stupid Encyclopedia.

Stranger: Shut up! And hold this! Actually, this is a sub-machine-gun and anyone here tells me who first developed this weapon in the America? Thomson. This is a Thomson sub-machine-gun.

Something you might know if you want to site in my Encyclopedias. Oh, your parents couldn’t be bothered. They were too busy laughing at me. You were all laughing at me. The whole world laughs at me.

Ben: Maybe you could become a comedian.

Stranger: And maybe you, boy, could become a pork chop.

Carol: I need to get the phone?

Stranger: Good idea!


Maggie: Oh! Thanks for showing that with me, Jason. I feel much better now. Who’re you calling?

Jason: Calling Ellen Coolsman. Hello, Ellen, yes, this is Jason Seaver. Yeah, we’ve just called the kids. And there was no answer. So we are just wondering if you could run next door. And take a look at them. Would you? Ok. Good, thank you. She’s gonna call right back from the house.

Maggie: Oh, Jason, I knew this was a mistake. We should never ever leave them alone.

Jason: Honey, there is not panicky . Ok? I still say there is going to be some reasonable explanation why they were not answering the phone.

Maggie: Yeah. Like?

Jason: Well, like it's not unusual for kids to become a phone-shyer. Ellen, Yes. What? They are not there. Where else could they be?


Man: Yeo! Michael, looking good. Yeah, you kids got IDs?

Mike: Yeah, here got them, man.

Man: Carol Seaver, born in 1953. It’s good to me. Ben Seaver, army discharge. Numb, ehe?

Ben: Yeah.

Man: How was it?

Ben: It was hell.

Carol: Wahh! Mike, this place’s awesome.

Ben: Yeah, how come you didn’t bring us here before?

Mike: You know, how old fashion mom and dad are. No matter after the nights so some dumpers still are starting work yet. En! It's Lash.

Man 2: All right, Seaver. I can always use another bouncer. What about you two? Looking for work.?

Ben: Yeah! I want to be bartender.

Carol: I could be a waitress.

Man2: You got it, towards.

Woman: Hei! Mike, parts of me are missing parts of you.

Mike: Hei, why not take all of me?

Woman: You are right.

Man3: Hei, body, do me a favour. Keep this for me .

Ben: Sure.

Carol: Please show if there’s a bombing maker

Ben: Coming up.

Man3: Hei! Babe, will you spell my life , eh?

Carol: Inscrutable , leave me alone.

Man3: Do me a kiss, just a little kiss. Coming, coming.

Mike: Hei! What did you do?

Man3: You got sot the save tough guy.

Ben: Go ahead, Make Mike dead.

Jason: Well, I'm calling the Hun?? police.

Maggie: 5165555622. Yeah, I’m a mother. I’m a reporter. I know these things.

Jason: Hello! I reach the police. Yes. This is Jason Seaver, yes Mike's dad. I want to report 3 missing children. And it's been at least 5 minutes. Well, no, it could have been 7, it might be 7 minutes. My wife and I are in Vermont. And we left the kids alone. Yes, with Mike. Well, we phoned the neighbours. And they went to check the house. The kid weren't there. 15 Robenland. Thank you, yes.

Maggie: Jason, you didn't leave my phone number here.

Jason: No, that's because we are going home.

Maggie: But how does there is a 5 hours ride?

Jason: We fly down and we will go take a cab , ok.? That's where we belong.

Maggie: Did you get we got clothes? Ok. Ok. All right.

Jason: The keys don’t fit.

Maggie: You’re sure you have the right one?

Jason: Well, what does that look like?

Jason& Maggie: The hotel key!

Ben: What’s coming on? I’m tired.

Mike: Hush! Someone in the house! Climb out to the street and call someone to recur to it.

Come on. Let’s go!

Maggie: Oh, no, Jason, They’re really not here. What’re we gonna do?

Jason: Check back with the police! Yes! Yes! Please! Thank you very much! The police were here at 11 o’clock and all the kids were here, then!

Maggie: But Jason, they are gone now.

Jason: Oh! I know. They’re sending another patrol car over right here.

Police: Freeze!

Jason: Oh, it’s quick!

Police: Hands up! Over by the rim.

Jason: Now, you see, …

Police: Over there!

Jason: Ok! Ok!

Maggie: But, we’re the Seavers, we live here.

Police: The Seaver are in Vermont, lady.

Jason: We flew back! We are them! We’re home!

Police: All right! Let’s see some Ids, pal!

Jason: It’s not a good picture.

Police: All right, Monrol. Why not go outside to get those kids and bring them over here?

Jason: The kids are safe?

Police: Aha! They’re fine! Until they heard some pirates downstairs hasn’t call the cops.

Mike: They can’t be my parents. My parents are in Vermont! I don’t believe it!

Maggie: Oh! My baby!

Police: Not so fast! Mike, are these your parents?

Mike: Er! That is some, er, with cleverest make-up!

Police: Hey! Thanks keeping me running up!

Mike: What are you guys doing here? Wasn’t it enough to send the cops by once in the evening?

Maggie: But Mike we called, and you weren’t here.

Mike: You said you wouldn’t call until tomorrow!

Jason: But that’s not the point, Mike! Where the hell were you!

Mike: These more geologists made a banquet. They made us for deserve!

Ben: And they pull up our vacation sites. They went every week.

Maggie: But we called at ten o’clock. But where were you then?

Mike: Norland!

Ben: Something you bear and never mind. If you seem one in the field, you see them all.

Jason: Is that all true Carol?

Carol: Well! Actually, there was as true all than a banquet. That’s not about to worry.

Mike: Would you guys think what we would do anyway?

Maggie: Then was how we always never do the certain things to the kids that our parents said us? Did we just do one of those things to our kids?

Jason: I don’t know I was going to handle it pretty well, at the circumstances. Couldn’t be a lot of words? Couldn’t be ours watching Rouisanna’s vacation’s like?

Maggie: Well, I guess we’ve turned out to be a pretty normal after all.

Jason: Oh! No! No! Maggie, are we norma?

Maggie: En! Pretty scarcely, isn’t it?

Jason: Say is it true two normal parents would go out at three o’clock in the morning for a double dip banana fuss Sunday surprise?

Maggie: I doubt it’s.

Jason: You’ll be abnormal?

Maggie: Love to!

Jason: Ok! You go! Tell Mike to get up. I’m going to warm up the Volvo!

Maggie: Oh! Jason! Jason! There’s just one problem.

Jason: what?

Maggie: Our Volvo is in Vermont!