Eat, Pray, Love  一辈子做女孩

Two Poems from an Ashram in India


All this talk of nectar and bliss is starting to piss me off. I don't know about you, my friend,but my path to God ain't no sweet waft of incense. It's a cat set loose in a pigeon pen,and I'm the cat--but also them who yell like hell when they get pinned. My path to God is a worker's uprising,won't be peace till they unionize. Their picket is so fearsome the National Guard won't go near them.

My path was beaten unconscious before me, by a small brown man I never got to see, who chased God through India, shin-deep in mud, barefoot and famined, malarial blood, sleeping in doorways, under bridges--a hobo. (Which is short for "homeward bound," you know) And he now chases me, saying: "Got it yet, Liz?

What HOMEWARD means? What BOUND really is?"



If they'd let me wear pants made out of the fresh-mown grass from this place,

I'd do it. If they'd let me make out with every single Eucalyptus tree in Ganesh's Grove, I swear, I'd do it.

I've sweated out dew these days, worked out the dregs, rubbed my chin on tree bark, mistaking it for my master's leg.

I can't get far enough in.

If they'd let me eat the soil of this place served on a bed of birds' nests,

I'd finish only half my plate, Then sleep all night on the rest.