Bill:         I can`t believe the day has finally come.

B:  我难以相信这天终于来了。

Hillary:    I know! All our weeks of hard work are about to pay off.

H:  我明白!我们几个星期的所有努力就要有好的回报了。

Bill:         So,did Sam tip you off as to where and when this thing is gonna get started?

B:  那么,关于在何时何地要开始这件事,山姆给过你提示了吗?

Hillary:   No, but that`s part of the whole mystuque,isn`t it? i like that we`ve been rehearsing all this time ,and practicing every step again and again,but that our actural performance place still   remains a mystrey.

H:   没有,但那就是整件神秘事件的一部分,不是吗?我们一直在彩排,反反复复的练习每一个舞步,而我们的表演场地却仍然是个秘。我喜欢这种感觉。

Bill:        yeah,well i`m not as big on the whole suspenseful part of a flash mob.the truth is , i`ve got happy feet.i simply need to dance.and this is the perfect outlet.because performing in front of complete strangers is so much easier  than in the presence of people you know.

B:   是啊,我倒不是很喜欢快闪活动中的整个悬念部分,事实上,我就像拥有了快乐的大脚,我只想跳舞,而且还是很好的方式,因为在完全陌生的人群里比在认识的人面前表演要容易地多。

Hillary:   That`s the one way of looking of it.But,you know,if this thing goes viral,which is certainly in the cards,a lot of people we both know may be seeing it by  tonight. How does that strike you ?

H:   那是看待它的一种方式。然而你知道的,如果这件事像病毒一样传播开来,当然这是极有可能的今晚会有很多我俩都认识的人观看。你对此怎么想?

Bill:        It adds a bit of pressure,i guess,but i knew that coming in,i know i`ve got the moves to turn people`s heads,and the skills to pay the bills baby!

B:  我估计会增加一点压力吧,但我早就知道会这样。宝贝,我知道我有赢得人们回头率的舞步,有谋生的技能了!

Hillary:   I love when you pretend to be cool,and try to talk like a hipster.

H:  我喜欢你耍酷和努力像嬉皮士一样说话的样子.

Bill:        Come on! we`ve gotta pump ourselves up,get energized,get the blood flowing.

B:  来吧,我们使自己振奋起来。充满活力,让血液澎湃起来。

Hillary:   I actually did my stretching in the dressing room of that department store.

H:  事实上,我在那家商城的更衣室做过热身了。

Bill:        Good thinking.i just stretched out in the men`s room.

B:  好主意,我刚才在男厕所做了热身。

Hillary:   Did anyone give you any weird looks?

H    有人给你投来异样的目光吗?

Bill:          Well,that would`ve been tough,seeing as how i was in one of the stalls.what did you think? That i was hanging out next to the urinals doing back  bends,casually checking out passers-by?

B:  哦,你要明白我就在其中一个小隔间里,本来就很难。你想到什么?要我在小便池旁边停留做下腰动作,还要不经意地检查有没有人过往?

Hillary:    Now that would definitely garner some raised eyebrows.

H:  那的确会引入侧目。

Bill:         What`s taking so long anyway? we`ve been killing time here for over half an hour.

B:  什么事情要花那么长时间?我们已经在这里消磨了半个小时了。

Hillary:    I`m sure Sam is just making sure that all relevant authorities are out of the general vicinity,so we won`t meet up with any unwanted interference from the local security agency that patrols the mall.

H:  我相信山姆只是在确认所有的相关部门不在这一带附近,这样我们就不会遇到当地安保人员巡逻商厦时带来不必要的干涉。

Bill:        That makes sense.It`d be a shame for our awsome choreography to be interrupted by some closed-minded cop wannabe.

B:  有道理,被一些思想保守的自认为是警察的人干扰了我们所有精彩的舞蹈表演会很遗憾的。

Hillary:    Hold up!i`m getting a text.this must be it.ok.we need to make our way to 9th floor,and find the Rug Emporium.

H:  等一下,我有条信息,一定是关于快闪的。好了,我们需要前往九楼找到地毯商场。

Bill:         Oh, i know that place.my wife and i got a nice Afgan there a few years back.good selection.

B:  哦,我知道那地方。几年前我和太太在那里买到一条上好的阿富汗毛毯。

Hillary:    Well,let`s go big boy.it`s showtime!

H:  嗯,走吧,大个子。表演时间到了!

Bill:          Alright.Let`s raise the roof off the place!

B:  好的,我们让这个地方沸腾起来吧!

Hillary:    Remember,no talking from here on in.

H    记住,从这里开始不要再讨论了。

Bill:        You got it,lips are sealed.

B:  明白,绝口不提。

Hillary:    And break a leg Bill!

H:  比尔,祝你成功

Bill:         You too Hill!

B:  你也是,希尔!