S5-Ep19:Space Oddity--David Bowie

S5-EP18 Never There--Cake

听音乐学外语11 Hello (你好)- Adele

听音乐学外语10 Amazing Grace 奇异恩典

09 And I Love You So 我是如此爱你

听音乐学外语08 Kinderspiele 儿时情景

听音乐学外语07 Make Me A Kite 让我成为一祇夜莺吧

听音乐学外语06 Lights of Louisianne 路易斯安那的灯火

听音乐学外语04 Danse avant de tomber 只要不摔倒,跳吧!

Radka Toneff:The Moon is a Harsh Mistress 月亮是位冷漠的女

02 Gje Meq Handa Di 让我牵你的手 by Anne Karin Kaasa

01 Unce Upon A Dream by Linda Eder

S4-Ep24:Walkaway-- Cast

S4-Ep23:England Swings-- Roger Miller

S4-Ep23:London Calling-- The Clash

S4-Ep22:Weekend in New England-- Barry Manilow

S4-Ep16:6th Avenue Heartache-- The Wallflowers

S4-Ep04:Night and Day -- Tony Bennett

S3-Ep18:That's Amore -- Dean Martin

S3-Ep12:You've Got to Pick a Pocket -- Keith Hampshire&Ron Moody

S3-Ep06:Time of The Season -- The Zombies

S2-Ep24:Someone To Watch Over Me -- Frank Sinatra

S2-Ep22:Good Intentions -- Toad the Wet Sprocket

S2-Ep22:Big Yellow Taxi -- Joni Mitchell

S2-Ep21:YMCA -- The Village People

S2-Ep15:Wicked Game -- Chris Isaak

S2-Ep11:Strangers in the Night --Frank Sinatra

S2-Ep08:With or Without You--U2

S2-Ep07:Macho Man--The Village People

S2-Ep06:Angel of the Morning--The Pretenders

S2-Ep04:Singing in the Rain--Gene Kelly

S1-Ep24:Take a Bow--Madonna

S1-Ep22:Ebony And Ivory--Stevie Wonder和Paul McCartney

S1-Ep18:The lion sleeps tonight--The Tokens

S1-Ep17:New York Minute--Eagles

S1-Ep11:My Guy--Mary Wells

47 Paul Simon : The Sound of Silence寂静之声

45 Paul McCartney : Hey Jude嘿,朱迪

44 Linkin Park : What I've Done我所做的一切

42 Lily Allen : Smile 微笑

41 Backstreet Boys : Larger Than Life 超越生活

39 Freddie Mercury: Love of My Life 生命中的爱

38 Brian McKnight: Back at one 梦想成真

36 Bob dylan: Blowing in the wind 随风飘扬

31 Donna lewis: I could be the one 倾我所有

29 Lionel Richie: Say you say me 说你说我

26 Vanessa Williams: Colors of the Wind风之色彩

25 Celine Dion: The power of love 爱的力量

18 Bon Jovi: It's My Life 这是我的生活

14 R.Kelly: I believe I can fly我相信我能飞

11 Lynden David Hall : All You Need Is Love 你所需要的一切就是爱

08 Clapton : Wonderful Tonight 今夜多美好

04 Robbie Williams: Better Man 好男人

S1-Ep07:Top of the World--Carpenters

02 BLUE: Love at First Sight一见钟情

S1-Ep01:Sky Blue and Black--Jackson Browne

舒肤佳广告歌:How Long Will I Love You


分手情歌:Six Degrees of Separation

Louisa Johnson翻唱《Forever Young》

香水Black Opium广告歌:Jungle(中英歌词)


英语歌: One Two Three Four

基督教赞美诗英文歌曲:I Will Lift My Head

奥斯卡最佳英文歌曲58:Céline Dion - Beauty And The Beast

MacBook广告歌: Gold歌词

苹果电脑广告英文歌曲:New Soul刚来不久

奥斯卡最佳歌曲:Fame By Irene Cara

Ω 基督教英文歌曲:Worship You Forever

奥斯卡最佳英文歌曲33:Andy Williams - Born Free生的自由

奥斯卡最佳歌曲:Whatever Will Be Will Be

母亲节赞美诗:I Have A wonderful Mom

奥斯卡最佳英文歌曲19:Frankie Laine

英语歌曲:Blame It On Me

奥斯卡最佳英文歌曲17:Mona Lisa

奥斯卡最佳英文歌曲16:Colbie Caillat - Baby It's Cold Outside

奥斯卡最佳英文歌曲12:Andy Williams - It Might As Well Be Spring

奥斯卡最佳英文歌曲10:Willie Nelson - You'll Never Know

奥斯卡最佳英文歌曲06:Judy Garland - Over The Rainbow

奥斯卡最佳歌曲01:The Continental

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