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The Hairy Apes毛猿

Scene VII

SCENE Nearly a month later. An I. W. W. local near the waterfront,showing the interior of a front room on the ground floor, and the street outside. Moonlight on the narrow street, buildings massed in black shadow. The interior of the room,which is general assembly room,office, and reading room, resembles some dingy settlement boys club. A desk and high stool are in one corner. A table with papers, stacks of pamphlets,chairs about it, is at center. The whole is decidedly cheap, banal, commonplace and unmysterious as a room could well be. The secretary is perched on the stool making entries in a large ledger. An eye shade casts his face into shadows. Eight or ten men,longshoremen,iron workers,and the like, are grouped about the table.Two are playing checkers. One is writing a letter. Most of them are smoking pipes. A big signboard is on the wall at the rear, "Industrial Workers of the World- Local No. 57."

(Yank Comes down the street outside. He is dressed as in Scene Five.

Secretary: (turning around on his stool) What the devil is that- someone knocking? (shouts) Come in,why don't you?

Yank: (blurts out) Hello.

Men: Hello.

Yank: I tought I'd bumped into de wrong dump.

Secretary: Maybe you have. Are you a member?

Yank: No, not yet. That's what I come for-to join.

Secretary: That's easy. What's your job-long shore?

Yank: No. Fireman-stoker on de liners.

Secretary: (with satisfaction) Welcome to our city. Glad to know you people are waking up at last. We haven't got many members in your line.

Yank: No. They're all dead to de world.

Secretary: Well,you can help to wake . What's your name? I'll make out your card.

Yank: (confused) Name? Let me think.

Secretary: (sharply) Don't you know your own name?

Yank: Sure; but I been just Yank for so long-Bob, that's it- Bob Smith.

Secretary: (writing) Robert Smith,(fills out the rest of card) Here you are. Cost you half a dollar.

Yank: Is dat all-four bits? Dat's easy,(gives the secretary the money)

Secretary: (throwing it in drawer) Thanks. Well,make yourself at home. No introductions needed. There's literature on the table. Take some of those pamphlets with you to distribute aboard ship. They may bring results. Sow the seed, only go about it right. Don't get caught and fired. We got plenty out of work. What we need is men who can hold their jobs-and work for us at the same time.

Yank: Sure.

Secretary: (looking at him-curiously) What did you knock for? Think we had a coon in uniform to open doors?

Yank: No. I tought it was locked.-and date wander give me the once-over trou a peep一hole or some to see if I was right.

Secretary: (alert and suspicious but with an easy laugh) Think we were running a crap game? That door is never locked. What put that in your nut?

Yank:(with a knowing grin,convinced that this is all camouflage, a part of the secrecy) Dis burg is full of bulls,a’n't it?

Secretary: (sharply) What have the cops got to do with us? We're breaking no laws.

Yank: (with a knowing wink) Sure. You wouldn't for worlds. Sure. I'm wise to dat.

Secretary: You seem to be wise to a lot of stuff none of us knows about.

Yank: (with another wink) Aw, days aw right,see. (then made a bit resentful by the suspicious glances from all sides) Aw, can it! Yours needn't put me trou de degree. Can't yours see I belong? Sure I'm regular.) stick, get me? I'll shoot de works for yours. Day s why I wanted to join in.

Secretary: (breezily, feeling him out) That's the right spirit. Only are you sure you understand what you've joined? It's all plain and above board;still,some guys get a wrong slant on us. (sharply) What's your notion of the purpose of the I. W. W.?

Yank: Aw, I know all about it.

Secretary: (sarcastically) Well,give us some of your valuable information.

Yank: (cunningly) I know enough not to speak outa my toin. (then resentfully again) Aw, say! I'm regular. I'm wise to de game. I know you got to watch your step with a stranger. For all yours know, I might be a plain-clothes dick, or some,days what you're tinghing huh? Aw, forget it! I belong,see? Ask any guy
down to de docks if I don't.

Secretary: Who said you didn't?

Yank: After I'm 'vitiated, I'll show yuh.

Secretary: (astounded) Initiated? There's no initiation.

Yank: (disappointed) there no password-no grip nor nothing?

Secretary: What'd you think this is-the Elks-or the Black Hand?

Yank; De Elks,hell! De Black Hand,day a lot of yellow back sticking Now. Dis is a man's gang,

Secretary: You said it! That's why we stand on our two feet in the open. We got no secrets.

Yank: (surprised but admiringly) You mean to say you always run wide open-like dis?

Secretary: Exactly.

Yank: Den yuh sure got your moive wit you!

Secretary: (sharply) Just what was it made you want to join us? Come out with that straight.

Yank: You call me? Well,I got noive,too! Here's my hand. You wander blow things up, don't you? Well,days me I belong!

Secretary:(with pretended carelessness) You mean change the unequal conditions of society by legitimate direct action-or with dynamite?

Yank: Dynamite! Blow it offer de steel-all de cages-all de factories, steamers, buildings,jails-de Steel Trust and all date makes it go.

Secretary:So-that's your idea,eh? And did you have any special job in that line you wanted to propose to us. (He makes a sign to the men,who get up cautiously one by one and group behind Yank)

Yank: (boldly) Sure,I' II come out wet it. I’II show your I'm one of de gang. Dere date millionaire guy,Douglas-

Secretary: President of the Steel Trust, you mean? Do you want to assassinate him?

Yank: Now,date don't get you nothing I mean blow up de factory,de works,where he makes de steel. Days what I’m after-to blow up de steel,knock all de steel in de world up to de moon. Date fix things! (eagerly, with a touch of bravado) I’II do it by me lonesome! I'll show you! Tell me where his woiks is, how to git there,all de dope. Gimme de stuff, de old butter-2nd watch me do de rest! Watch de smoke and see it move! I don't give a damn if dey nab me-long as it's done! I'll solve life for it-and give 'em de laugh! And I'1l write her a letter and tell her de hairy ape done it. Dat'll square tings.

Secretary:Very interesting. (He gives a signal. The men, huskies all,throw themselves on Yank and before he knows it they have his legs and arms pinioned. But he is too flabber-gasted to make a struggle, anyway. They feel him over for weapons.)

Man:No gat, no knife. Shall we give him what's what and put the boots to him?

Secretary: No. He isn't worth the trouble we'd get into. He's too stupid. (He comes closer and laughs mockingly in Yank's face) Ho-ho! By God, this is the biggest joke they've put up on us yet. Hey, you Joke! Who sent you-Burns or Pinkerton? No, by God, you're such a bonehead. I'll bet you're in the secret service! Well, you dirty spy, you rotten agent provocator, you can go back and tell whatever skunk is paying you blood一money for betraying your brothers that he's wasting his coin. You couldn't catch a cold. And tell him that all he'll ever get on us, or ever has got, is just his own sneaking plots that he's framed up to put us in jail. We are what our manifesto says we are,neither more or less-and we'll give him a copy of that any time he calls. And as for you-Oh,hell,what's the use of talking? You're a brainless ape.

Yank: (aroused by the word to fierce but futile struggles) What's dat, you Sheeny bum, you!

Secretary: Throw him out,boys. (In spite of his struggles, this is done with gusto and ec lat. Propelled by several parting kicks.)

Yank: (bitterly) So dem bolds don't think I belong,neider. Aw,to hell wit 'em! Dey're in de wrong pew-de same old bull- soapboxes and Salvation Army-no guts! Cut out an hour offen de job a day and make me happy! Gimme a dollar more a day and make me happy! Tree square a day, and cauliflowers in de front yard- ekal rights-a woman and kids-a lousey vote-and I'm all fixed for Jesus,huh? Aw,hell! What does dat get yuh? Dis ting’s in your inside, but it ain't your belly. Feedin’your face-sinkers and coffee-dat don't touch it. It's way down-at de bottom. You can't grab it, and you can't stop it. It moves, and everything moves. It stops and de whole woild stops. Days me now-I don't tick, see?一I'm a busted Ingersoll,days what. Steel was me,and I owned de woild. Now I ain't steel,and de woild owns me. Aw, hell I can't see-it's all dark, get me? It's all wrong! (He turns a bitter mocking face up like an ape gibbering at the moon.) Say, youse up dere,Man in de Moon,yuh look so wise, gimme de answer, huh? Slip me de inside dope, de information right from de stable-where do I get off at, huh?
扬克:(辛酸地)所以连那些家伙也认为我没用。唉,见他们的鬼去!他们站错了地方·一一还是那老一套一一肥皂箱演说和救世军—没种!一天少工作一个钟头,让我快乐吧,一天多给一块钱,让我快乐吧!一天三餐饭,花菜种前院—权利平等—老婆和孩子—一张倒霉的选票—那我就可以等着见上帝啦 哦,见鬼!那能带

A policeman: (who has come up the street in time to hear this last-with grim humor) You'll get off at the station,you boob, if you don't get up out of that and keep moving.

Yank: Sure! Lock me up! Put me in a cage! Dat's de only answer you know. G'wan,lock me up!

Policeman:What you been doin’?

Yank: Enuf to gimme life for! I was born,see? Sure, days de charge. Write it in de blotter. I was born,get me!

Policeman: (jocosely) God pity your old woman! But I've no time for kidding. You're soused. I'd run you in but it's too long a walk to the station. Come on now, get up, or I'll fan your ears with this club. Beat it now! (He hauls Yank to his feet)

Yank: (in a vague mocking tone) Say, where do I go from here?

Policeman: (giving him a push-with a grin,indifferently) Go to hell.

Scene VIII

Scene: Twilight of the next day. The monkey house at the Zoo. On the one cage a sign from which the word "gorilla" stands out. The gigantic animal himself is seen squatting on his haunches on a bench in much the same attitude as Rodin's "Thinker." Yank enters from the left. Immediately a chorus of angry chattering and screeching breaks out. The gorilla turns his eyes but makes no sound or move.

Yank: (with a hard, bitter laugh) Welcome to your city, huh? Hail,hail,de gang's all here! Say, yuh’re some hard一looking guy, aren't you? l seen lots of tough nuts dat de gang called gorillas, but you're de foist real one l ever seen. Some chest you got, and shoulders,and dem arms and mits! I bet yuh got a punch in eider fist data knock 'em all silly! Sure,I get you. You challenge de whole woild, huh? Yuh got what l was saying even if you muffed de avoids. And why wouldn't yuh get me? Aren't we both members of de same club-de Hairy Apes? (They stare at each other-a pause-) So yuh're what she seen when she looked at me, de white-faced tart! I was you to her, get me? Only outa de cage- broke out-free to molder her, see? Sure! Dat's what she tought.She wasn't wise dot I was in a cage, too-worser than yours-sure-a damn sight-'cause you got some chanct to bust loose- but me-(He grows confused.) Aw, hell! It's all wrong,aren't it? (a pause) I pose you wanter know what I'm doing here, huh? I been warming a bench down to de Batten-ever since last night. Sure. I seen de sun come up. Dat was pretty, too-all red and pink and green. I was lookin' at de skyscrapers-steel-and all de ships cumin' in, sailing out, all over de oith-and dey was steel, too. De sun was warm,dey wasn't no clouds,and dere was a breeze blowing Sure, it was great stuff. I got it aw right- what Paddy said about dot bein'de right dope-on'y I couldn't get in it, see? I couldn't belong in dot. It was over my head. And I kept tinkin’-and den I beat it up here to see what youse was like. And I waited till dey was all gone to git yuh alone. Say, how d'yuh feel sittin’in dot pen all de time, having to stand for 'em cumin 'and starin'at yuh-de white-faced, skinny tarts and de boobs what marry 'em-makin 'fun of you, laughin at yuh,gittin’scared of yuh-damn 'em! (The gorilla rattles the bars of his cage and snarls. All the other monkeys set up an angry chattering in the darkness. Yank goes on excitedly.) Sure! Dat's de way it hits me, too. On'y yuh're lucky, see? Yuh don't belong wit 'em and yuh know it. But me, I belong wit 'em-but I don't, see? Dey don't belong wet me, days what. Get me? Tinkin' is hard-(He passes one hand across his forehead with a painful gesture. The gorilla growls impatiently. Yank goes on gropingly.) It's dis way, what I'm drivin'at. Youse can sit and dope dream in de past, green woods, de jungle and de rest of it. Den yuh belong and dey don't. Den yuh kin laugh at 'em, see? Yuh're de champ of de woild. But me-I ain't got no past to fink in, nor nothin' dot's coming',on'y what's now-and dot don't belong. Sure, you're de best off! Yuh can't tink, can yuh?
You can't talk neider. But I kin make a bluff at talking and thinking一 almost get away wet it-almost!一and days where de joker comes in. (He laughs.) I ain't on oith and I ain't in heaven,get me? I'm in de middle trying to separate 'em,taking all de woist punches from bot' of 'em. Maybe days what dey call hell, huh? But you, you're at de bottom. You belong! Sure! You're de only one in de woild dat does, yuh lucky stiff! (The gorilla growls proudly.) And days why dey gotter put yuh in a cage, see? (The gorilla roars angrily.) Sure! You get me.

It beats it when you try to think it or talk it-it's way down- deep-behind-you 'me we feel it. Sure! Bot' nembers of dis club! (He laughs-then in a savage tone.) What de hell! T' hell wet it! A little action, days our meat! Dat belongs! Knock 'em down and keep busting gem till dey croaks you wet a gat-wit steel! Sure! Are you game? Dey've looked at you,ain't dey-in a cage? Wanter get even? Wanter wind up like a sport 'stead of croaking slow in dere? (The gorilla roars an emphatic affirmative. Yank goes on with a sort of furious exaltation.) Sure! You're regular! You'll stick to de finish! Me and you,huh?一bot' members of this club! We'll put up one last star bout dat'll knock gem offen deir seats! Dey'll have to make de cages stronger after we're trou! Pardon from de governor! Step out and shake hands! I'll take yuh for a walk down Fif' Avenoo. We'll knock 'em offen de oith and croak wit de band playing .Come on, Brother. (The gorilla scrambles gingerly out of his cage. Goes to yank and stands looking at him. Yank keeps his mocking tone-holds out his hand.)Shake-de secret grip of our order. (Something, the tone of mockery, perhaps, suddenly enrages the animal. With a spring he wraps his huge arms around Yank in a murderous hug. There is a crackling snap of crushed ribs-a gasping cry, still mocking, from Yank.) Hey, I didn't say, kiss me. Say-dey oughter match him-wit Zybszko. He got me, aw right. I'm trou. Even him didn't think I belonged, (then,with sudden passionate despair) Christ, where do I get off at? Where do I fit in? (checking himself as suddenly) Aw, what de hell! No squaking ,see! No quittin, get me! Croak wet your boots on! (He grabs hold of the bars of the cage and hauls himself painfully to his feet-looks around him bewilderedly-forces a mocking laugh.) In de cage, huh? Ladies and gents, step forward and take a slant at de one and only-(his voice weakening)一one and original-Hairy Ape from de wilds of-(He slips in a heap on the floor and dies. The monkeys set up a chattering,whimpering wail.

Practising Exercise 实战提升

尤金·奥尼尔(Eugene O' Neill )是美国民族戏剧的奠基人、诺贝尔文学奖获得者。奥尼尔的《天边外》获普利策奖,由此奠定了他在美国戏剧界的地位。奥尼尔创作的鼎盛期不仅题材和主题丰富多样,而且形式上也从早期的以自然主义为主,发展成一种操合着象征主义、表现主义和意识流手法等现代艺术意识和技巧的新

decidedly 确定地;
legitimate .正当的,
manifesto 宣言;
exaltation 欣喜;


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