48:A Pair of Precious Hands 宝贵的双手

47:Poverty and Richness 贫穷与富有

46:Chief Seattle's Thoughts 西雅图宣言

45:Friendship Is Your Psyche's Guard 友谊是灵魂的卫兵

44:The Warmth of a Glass of Milk —杯牛奶的温暖

43:Cherish as Going且行且珍惜

42:A Perfect Heart 完美的心

41:A Moment of Joy片刻的欢乐

40:The Old Fisherman老渔夫的故事

39:Life Is All about Choices 生活充满选择

38:Four Seasons of Life 人生四季

37:We're Raising Children, Not Flowers 我们是在养小孩,而不是在养花

36:Father's Gift 父亲的礼物

34:Please Dress Me in Red 请为我穿上红衣

33:All You Remember 你所记得的一切

32:Tell Someone You Love “I Love You” 告诉心爱的人“我爱你”

31:Top Parenting Info: Be Consistent 最高教养之道:坚定

30:A Letter to the Daughters by Barack Obama 奥巴马给女儿们的一封信

29:To My Son 给爱子的信

27:A Box Full of Kisses 装满吻的匣子

26:The Apple Tree 苹果树

25:Love and Like 爱与喜欢

24:Love of Two Mutes 无声之爱

23:Our Love Is Simple as a Song 我们的爱简单如歌

22:The Crystal Shoes 水晶鞋

20:Rose-tree 玫瑰树

18:Shelley to Elizabeth Hitchhiker 雪莱致伊丽莎白•西琴勒

17:Napoleon to Josephine 拿破仑致约瑟芬

16:How to Find True Love 如何发现真爱

13:The Joy of Living 生活的乐趣

11:Stop Comparing and Being Your Best 停止比较,做最好的自己

10:Relish the Moment 拥抱此刻时光

09:Adopt Positive Thinking into Every Day 积极看待每一天

07:Life Is What We Make It 生活靠我们自己创造

05:Black Charcoal, White Shirt 黑木炭,白衬衫

04:What's Love? 什么是爱?

03:We Are on a Journey 人在旅途

02:Life Is Like a Coffee 生活是杯咖啡

100 Born to Win天生贏家

097 The Other Side of the Olympics奥运会的另一面

095 Tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales致威尔士王妃戴安娜的献词

093 A Message to Garcia致加西亚的信

092 On the Instability of Human Glory论人类荣誉之虚渺

069 Eulogy for a Dog狗的颂歌

067 Perseverance坚持不懈

065 Human Life Like a Poem人生如诗

064 The Lover and the Beloved施爱者和被爱者

062 What I Have Lived for 我为何而生

040 Expressing One's Individuality 个性的表达

038 Our Family Creed 家族的信条

026 Learn to Live in the Present Moment学会生活在此时此刻

024 Ambition抱 负

021 Successful English Learning英语学习成功之道

019 A Mother's Letter to the World一位母亲写给世界的信

018 True Nobility真正的高贵

76:Fear of Six Inches 六英尺的恐惧(中英)

003 Too Dear for the Whistle 得不偿失的哨子

75:Record of Your Time 自己的经历(中英)

002 Home 家

74:Thorough Understanding of Oneself彻悟自我(中英)

73:A Lesson of Life生活的一课(中英)

72:Compassion 怜悯之心(中英)

71:Find the Beauty Around You 学会发现身边的美(中英)

70:The Sense of Humor 幽默的意义(中英)

69:Your Inner Passion in Your Heart 你心中永远的激情(中英)

68:Keep Your Goals in Sight莫让目标太遥远(中英)

67:Feel the Meaning of Life 感悟生活的真谛 (中英)

66:Dream Will Come true 梦想终有成真时 (中英)

65:The Warmth in Winter 冬日的温暧 (中英)

64:The Road Not Taken 未选择的路 (中英)

63:On Resignation 论放弃 (中英)

62:The Gettysburg Address 葛底斯堡的演讲(中英)


61:Blood,Toil,Sweat and Tears 热血、辛劳、汗水和眼泪(中英)

60:The World as I see It 我的世界观(中英)

59:Build Me a Son 塑造我的儿子(中英)

58:What I Have Lived for 我为何而生(中英)

57:Ambition 抱负(中英)


56:If I Rest, I Rust 如果我休息,我就会生锈(中英)

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