青少年双语美文第05篇 The Shaved Eyebrows 眉毛刮掉以后

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05 The Shaved Eyebrows


(By Ariel Subrahmanyam)


It was evening and time for my little sister and me to take our showers and get ready for bed. As I passed the mirror in the bathroom, there it was - a wild hair right in the middle of my forehead, threatening to be the beginning of the third eyebrow. I went into the shower trying to think of a solution, and then I spotted a razor. I took it and started trying to shave off the savage hair.


Usually I would trust my mom's advice about what to do in this sort of situation, but this was just too complicated for her -or so I thought. Well, while I was shaving that hair off, the razor slipped, and I ended up shaving off half my eyebrow! Then I did what any girl would do in this situation -I tried to even them out . When I was finished, I looked in the mirror. It was a disaster! I tried to figure out if there was any way to fix this mess. Thankfully, I found a way to hide my mistake. I put my bangs over my eyebrows. It worked perfectly!


Just then my parents called me to come and say good night. Nobody noticed my eyebrows, but they did notice my little sister's eyebrows! It turned out that while I was fighting the stray hair, she had found another razor in the drawer and began copying me. Now her eyebrows were completely missing! My parents were very confused until they finally noticed that half my eyebrows were gone as well . After a lot of questioning, I broke down and confessed to what had happened.


I thought that my parents would be mad at me until my mom took me aside to tell me that when she was a preteen, she had done a similar thing. In her case, it was her underarms . While away at camp on a swimming day, she was extremely embarrassed because she had some long hairs in her armpits . My grandma, her mom, had told her she was too young to shave yet. But she went against her mom's wishes and borrowed her friend's razor and shaved her armpits. Then she wrote her mom a confession letter telling her that she had done a terrible thing and that she was very sorry. At the very end of this long two-page letter, she finally told her mom what she had done. As my grandma read through the letter, she was so worried about this terrible thing that her daughter had done that by the end of the letter she laughed, because she was just so relieved to find out about what had actually happened. My grandmother totally understood how my mom had felt, just like my mom now understood me.


This ended up bringing my mom and me even closer together. I still wouldn't ever recommend trying to shave your eyebrows. I suggest that you find a different way to get closer to your mom!


As for my little sister, it took a long time for her eyebrows to grow back in. From then on, I've learned to be a better example to her because she still copies everything I do!


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