To Realize Your Dream at Yale


Dare you dream to pursue your study for a master's degree in one of the distinguished university abroad as Yale one day? Are you still just daydreaming? Why not stop daydreaming and take the challenge and try your luckto apply for a degree there?

你敢梦想有朝一日去像耶鲁大学一样的海外名校继续你的硕士研究生学习吗?你 还只是在白日做梦吗?为什么不挑战自己,试着去申请耶鲁大学呢?

Yale has matured into one of the world’s great universities. To study at such a university as Yale is always the dream of thousands of elite. Open as Yale, it welcomes students all over the world to pursue their dreams there.

如今的耶鲁巳经跻身于世界名校之流。去耶鲁这样的名校就读是成千上万的精英 的梦想。秉承着开放的传统,耶鲁一直开怀迎纳四海学子到她的怀抱里放飞梦想。

“As Yale enters its fourth century, our goal is to become a truly global university一 educating leaders and advancing the frontiers of knowledge not simply for the United States, but for the entire world.” This is a speech delivered by the present president of Yale University—Richard C. Levin which best demonstrates its openness. Yale is proud of the growing complement of international students studying on campus who increase the diversity and vitality of Yale. Talented as you are, I’m sure you can’t wait to get yourself well prepared for this academic travel to Yale. Now please follow us to equip yourself with the necessary application material.

“耶鲁已经走过了 300多年的历程,我们的目标是将其建设成一所真正的国际化 大学——不仅仅只为美国,同时也为全世界培养领导者,并拓展知识的疆域。”这是 耶鲁大学的现任校长——理查德?莱文的一段讲话,很好地诠释了耶鲁的开放精神耶鲁也因其逐年增长的国际学生人数而感到骄傲,他们使得校园多样化并为其增添了 活力。r解了这么多,我猜想如你一般的人才一定已经迫不及待地想开启一趟耶忾学 术之旅了吧!那就赶快跟随我们一道来看看你都需要哪些申请材料吧!

Material needed for application for a master degree is a bit different from those required for a bachelor ) degree: Firstly, a 500 to 1000-word personal statement of purpose should be prepared in advance. The statement concerns your past work, preparation for the intended field of study, relevant background and interests, academic plans,and career. It should be used to describe your reasons for applying to the particular Yale department or program. This statement may assist the admissions committee in evaluating your aptitude and motivation for graduate study.

硕士学位所需的申请材料与学士学位的申请材料有所不同。首先,你要事先准备 好一份500到1000字的个人陈述。这份个人陈述应该涵盖你过去的研究经历、你为 申请专业所作的准备工作、相关的背景及兴趣,学术计划及成就。同时你应在陈述中 说明你申请某个特定院系或是项目的原因。这份个人陈述也有助于招生委员会评估你 ' 的学习能力和学习动机。

Secondly, recommendations by your recommenders are required. It is highly advised that you ask for high influential figures in your research area to do you a favor. Their approval would be a credit to you.

第二,由推荐人写的推荐信是申请中必不可少的材料。我们强烈建议申请者请所 学专业领域中非常有影响力的学者为你写推荐信,因为他们的推荐会为你的申请加分。

Thirdly, a transcript or academic record which keeps a record of your scores on all the subjects at university is required. As it will give the school officials who are responsible for your admission a hint, they can judge your potentials in your interest field from your previous experiences.

第三,申请者需要准备一份成绩报告单或是学习成绩单,这上面记录着你大学期 间的各科成绩。同时,它会给负责录取的工作人员一些启示,他们可以通过你曾经的 学习经历来判断你在预录取专业的学习潜能。

Finally come the standardized examinations. We have Graduate Record Examination (GRE),Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and International English Language Test System (IELTS) available ^ for your choice. And one of them is required for most cases. There is no preference on them. Your choice of which to take should totally be based upon the requirement of the department you are applying for.

最后一项申请条件是标准化考试的成绩。你可以选择参加GRE、托福或是雅思中 的任何一种测试,因为大多数情况下,每个学院或专业对标准化考试的成绩还是有要 求的。这三种标准化测试没有优劣之分。到底该选择参加哪种考试完全取决于你所申 请专业的具体要求。

Now since we have familiarized you with the credentials, why not take actions at once and get yourself well prepared to realize you dream at Yale?

现在既然你已经了解了申请所需的全部材料,何不马上采取行动, 做好一切准备去圆梦耶鲁呢?