Colourful Residential Life


There is something special for the residential life at Yale: the residential systems for undergraduates and postgraduates operate differently. While it is a necessity for freshmen to live on campus, postgraduates enjoy the freedom to choose where they prefer to live, either on campus or outside.

耶鲁的住宿生活有些特别:本科生和研究生分属于不同的住宿体制。大一新生必 须住在校园里;而研究生却享有自由选择权利,住在学校或是校外是完全自愿的。

Yale’s residential college system which is more than seventy years old is perhaps the most distinctive feature of the College. The twelve residential colleges allow students to experience the cohesiveness and intimacy of a small school while still enjoying the cultural and scholarly resources  of a large university; it is in this sense that each college is a microcosm  of the larger student population. The twelve residential colleges all have their own master and dean who live in the college with their families and eat their meals with students in the dining hall.

耶鲁的住宿学院体制巳拥有70多年的历史,而且恐怕它也是耶鲁学院最具特色 的地方。12所住宿学院既让学生感受到了一个个小学院的凝聚力与亲和力,又使得他 们可以享受到整所大学的文化与学术资源。也正是在这种意义上,每所住宿学院都代 表着更广泛的学生群体。每所住宿学院都有各自的院长及学监,他们和家人都住在学 院里,并且同学生一样在食堂吃饭。

Freshmen are required to live on campus and they live on single-sex floors. Before freshman year, all incoming undergraduates are assigned to one of the twelve residential colleges by the individual college deans with two considerations in mind: compatibility and diversity. While students are matched based on general living habits, they should look forward to encountering a slice of Yale’s diversity in their suites. After freshman year, students choose their roommates and obtain rooms through lotteries held by their colleges. Students remain affiliated with their residential college for all four years (and beyond). The residential college system offers students a familiar, comfortable living environment, personal interaction with faculty members and administrators, and exciting opportunities for academic and extracurricular exploration.

大一新生必须住在校园里,而且男女生不会混层居住。在开学之前,每个学院的 学监已经为所有即将人学的新生分配好了其所归属的住宿学院。这个分配是基于两方 面的考虑的:相容性与多样性。尽管学院的分配总体上是依据学生各自的生活习惯的, 但是学生同时也很期待能在套间中感受到一些耶鲁的多样性。大一过后,学生可以自 己选择室友,房间的分配也是由学院采取抽签决定的。学生整个四年(或四年以上) 都隶属于自己所在的住宿学院。这种住宿学院体制在为学生提供一个熟悉并且舒适的 住宿环境的同时,也方便了学生与教职员工及行政人员的个人交往,此外这也为学生 提供了更多有趣的学术及课余探索机会。

For the academic part, besides curriculums offered by the College, the residential colleges also offer courses which are taught by scholars from Yale and from other academic institutions, as well as by poets, playwrights, and individuals who work in government, business, journalism, or film. Yale faculty members from a broad spectrum of disciplines are associated with each residential college. Faculty fellows are in residence at each of the colleges and are available as a resource to students. Many faculty fellows act as departmental representatives and give personalized advice to students majoring in their particular fields of study. Each residential college also has a math and science tutor and a writing tutor who maintain regular office hours. Students may visit these tutors without prior appointment.

针对学业部分,除了由耶鲁学院开设的课程外,每所住宿学院都会开设一些课程, 这些课程由耶鲁学者、其它学术机构的学者、诗人、剧作家以及来自政府、商业、新 闻及影视部门的人士讲授。来自各种专业的教职员T.都分属于各个住宿学院。教职员 工都住在各自的住宿学院内,学生可以随时接触到他们。很多教职员工同时也担任专 业代表,向本专业学生提供个人建议。此外,每个住宿学院都还有一位全日制的数理 辅导老师和写作辅导老师,学生可以随时去找他们而不用提前预约。

For the extracurricular activities, there are countless ways to become involved in residential college life. All the colleges have active theatre groups that stage productions from Broadway-style musicals to student-written one act plays. String quartets, jazz bands, chamber orchestras and folk groups are commonly organized within the colleges, as are literary magazines, newsletters, and photo journals. The intramural athletic program pits residential colleges against each other in friendly, spirited contests. Within each college is a college council, with a social activities committee to plan events and an athletic committee to organize the intramural programs. Each college elects two representatives to the Yale College Council (YCC), where they represent their college in matters affecting the Yale community as a whole.

对于课外活动部分,学生有许许多多的融人住宿学院生活的方式。每所学院都有 活跃的戏剧小组演出百老汇风格的音乐剧或是学生自己写的独幕剧。学生们常常组合 成弦乐四重奏乐团、爵士乐队、室内管弦乐队及通俗组合,这就像文艺杂志、内部简 讯和图片期刊一样普遍。校内运动项目使各个住宿学院在友好、活泼的气氛下竞赛。 每所住宿学院都有一个院自治会,院自治会下设有分管策划活动的社会活动委员会以 及分管组织校内体育项目的体育委员会。每个学院选派两名代表参加耶鲁学院委员会, 他们代表自己所属的学院,并最终影响耶鲁的决策。

Because of the sense of community fostered by each residential college, more than eighty-five percent of undergraduates elect to live on campus for all four years.