How To Make Beautiful Women Fall For You


Ten great tips for winning her heart.

1. Don’t put her on a pedestal.

Beautiful women are accustomed to being worshipped and idolized by low value men on a constant basis. They get out of parking fines, they get doors opened for them and they get treated better by just about everyone.

If you’re a beautiful woman in a world full of horny men then you have access to a whole range of opportunities that the rest of us could only dream of but obviously these women aren’t going to have sex with every single man who gives them a free drink at the bar now are they?

Unfortunately for some that just isn’t the world we live in… Beautiful women get that kind of special treatment so often they can only take it for granted and who can blame them?

Many men see beautiful women like divine creatures from another galaxy, unattianable eye candy to be looked upon but never touched.

The reality is they are just people like you and I and won’t take a guy who puts them on a pedestal seriously.

If you want to attract a beautiful woman you need to treat them like a normal person because the reality is they ARE normal people.

They have two arms, two legs, thoughts, feelings, emotions… They get lonely like normal people, they get horny like normal people and what these women want more than anything from a potential mate is to believe that they have found a partner, a soul mate and an equal.

If you are treating them like you are unworthy then they can never have that with you and will look for a guy who they believe to be equal to themselves or better.

2. Be unique and special.

Most beautiful women have dated a variety of men over the years and tend to categorize them into one group with whom they have one process of dealing with. You may have heard women doing this when they say things like ‘I hate men, all men are bastards’ or when they mention having rules like ‘I never sleep with a man until after the third date’.

If you want to seduce a beautiful woman and make her fall for you, you need to show her that you are special and different to all the men she has encountered in the past. Since you haven’t met every guy she has dated in the past the best way to ensure you are unlike them is to actually listen to her when she describes other guys she has dated and where things went wrong with them.

For example. too needy, too insecure, played with transformers, dressed up in women’s clothing… You get the idea.

Women often subconsciously tell men these things in the hopes that they will not repeat the same behaviours because if you do then she will get bored with you, lose interest and think you’re just like every other guy. Try to learn from her where other men have gone wrong in the past and don’t make the same mistakes.

One way to appear unique and special in her eyes is to actually look beyond her beauty and find things that you find unique and special about her that other men haven’t noticed in the past.

If she agrees or likes your observation of her character then she will begin to feel a unique bond with you and feel like you are the only one who really gets her.

For example.

‘You seem to be a really caring person, it seems like your friends really don’t appreciate all the effort you put in’


‘I think you put up this tough cold exterior as a way of protecting yourself but deep down I think you’re actually a really sweet caring girl who’s just been hurt too much by the world’

Make up your own observations, the more personal and relevant the better!

3. Be assertive and masculine.

In the modern age we are taught by society and the media that it is okay and healthy to talk about your feelings and emotions as men.

There is a degree of truth to this however for the subject of attraction and seduction it is counterproductive to you getting the girl that you want to be overly emotional and sensitive.

Women often say they want guys who are sensitive and talk about their feelings but the reality is these guys rarely ever get the girls and most of the time it is the strong masculine types which attract the best quality of women.

Women want men who are not afraid to take control and lead, they want to feel like their man can provide for them and protect them in any situation.

They want a man who makes them feel like a woman. Not some whiney pushover who talks more about his feelings and emotions more than they do.

4. Be a good listener.

The closest path to a woman’s heart is through your ear.

One consistent thing women always complain about with the men they date is, they feel like men don’t listen to them. Many men will be so transfixed by a woman’s beauty that they will fail to see the person behind the facade that wants to be liked for her and not the way she looks.

It isn’t enough to simply nod your head and wait till she finishes what she is saying so you can start talking about yourself again, women are much more intuitive than men and will notice straight away if a man isn’t really listening to them. When they feel like you are not listening they will think that you are ‘only after one thing’ and not interested in them as a person.

No woman wants to be used by a man.

The easiest way to show a woman that you are listening is to talk about the subjects that they are interested in. This will make them feel interesting and appreciated and is likely to result in them feeling attraction towards you.

5. Win over her friends and family.

A woman places a lot of trust in her friends and her family.

When something goes wrong with a guy they are the ones who hand out the tissues and talk her through it. These people are her support network and their opinion matters greatly to her so don’t make the mistake of ignoring or taking them for granted and the same applies for pets.

If Poochie or Mittens doesn’t like you and you don’t like them, then it is going to be a significant strike against you in her book but animals are easy all you need to do is bring around a doggie/cattie treat and you have made a friend for life.

People can be slightly more complicated.

Gifts are always good, whether it be buying her friends a round of drinks, giving her little brother a new toy or bringing around a nice bottle of wine to her parents for dinner. Never underestimate the power of bribes.

When meeting a girls friends or family it is imperative that you win them over to your side and make a really good effort to befriend them because if anything goes wrong with your girl then these are the people you want on your side, telling her how great a guy you are and how she should give you another chance.

Befriending her friends and family will also show her that you care enough to befriend these people who are important in her life. It will show her that you are in it for the long haul and not just looking for a quick fix and are congruent with her lifestyle.

This is important in the early stages of an intimate relationship.

6. Don’t be afraid of sexuality

The one thing that you can do when trying to make a girl fall for you which is worse than only wanting sex… Is not wanting sex at all.

Women don’t want to be used by men for sex but they still want to feel attractive and wanted by men.

Don’t make the mistake of only trying to be her friend and think that you are ‘respecting her’ by not trying to get sexual with her,this will likely land you in the friends zone or she will get frustrated and go find a guy who does want to have sex with her.

The more open you are about your sexuality and your sexual desires the more comfortable she will feel with her own sexuality. If it is something kept taboo and in the dark then she will likely be very nervous and self conscious when going into a potentially sexual environment.

Not avoiding the topic of sex when it arises in conversation will show her that you are a confident lover and she is more likely to draw the conclusion that you will be good in bed. This will make her enjoy the sex more when it comes and she will be more willing to ‘give it up’ if you seem like you know what you’re doing.

7. Don’t get jealous

Jealousy is only ever an attractive emotion in the most insecure and unhealthy of relationships where one partner feels that validation is required from the other in order for them to protect their self-esteem.

Jealousy in essence arises from a distrust of your partner and considering trust is the foundation of ANY healthy relationship it is a very negative and unattractive emotion to bring into a relationship and ironically, one of the biggest motivators for cheating.

By giving your girl the freedom and trust to interact with other men and women without having to worry about you freaking out with jealousy, she will be more likely to reciprocate the same feelings of trust back towards you and will value that foundation of trust as something special between the two of you which should never be broken.

8. Be protective of her

Women like to feel safe around the men they date.

Being the slighter of the species they want to know that if they were to feel threatened or intimidated then you could protect them. This doesn’t mean beating every guy who looks at her to a pulp but rather if you are out somewhere with her and she seems uncomfortable around certain people then you could suggest a move or intervene to protect her.

It also means that if she has a friend/an ex boyfriend/ Boss/ Co-worker etc. bothering her, then you should offer to talk to them for her. She will probably say no but the point is you still offered, she will appreciate the gesture and feel confident that you are someone she can rely on who will be there for her and is just as if not more capable of handling threatening situations.

9. Make her feel like she can be herself around you.

When women are considering being with a guy it is important for them to feel like they can be themselves around you. Nobody likes to be judged and if someone feels like they are being judged then they are less likely to feel a bond with you and will feel like “you don’t get them”.

Letting a girl know that you like and accept her for who she is will make her feel more comfortable and attached to you because It is exhausting and unsustainable pretending to be someone you’re not to please another person.

If she knows that you are someone who appreciates her for her most natural self then she is more likely to view you as someone she can have a future with.

10. Don’t pressure her

If you want the girl you are crazy about to commit to you the worst thing you can do is pressure her if she is unsure.

Women are biologically hard wired to eventually try and get commitment out of a man they have chosen as their mate, you don’t need to degrade yourself by trying to get her to commit, if she doesn’t want to do it naturally then she wont want to do it with you pressuring her.

There is nothing wrong with suggesting/offering a commitment to a girl you are seeing but if she is uncomfortable with the idea initially then she might just need more time to make sure that you are the right guy for her. So take a step back and let her come to you.

If you try to force a decision from her by ‘threatening to leave’ she might panic and agree but she will not feel as if it was her choice and she is more likely to stray or regret her decision later. The best thing you can do if she is uncertain is to continue to be yourself and act as if nothing has happened and continue to practice the 9 other points listed and wait until she suggests a commitment.

Ultimately a Player should be careful with pursuing the love of a beautiful woman, because once you have attracted and seduced a woman under the guise of love, you have essentially committed yourself to a continued relationship and this becomes a responsibility. If you prefer polygamy and your intention was to see other girls from the beginning then you should let this be known to avoid being labelled a cheater and scoundrel once she discovers that you have been unfaithful. Tell the truth from the beginning, be honest with yourself and with her, it is easier in the long-run.