少儿英语圣经故事01:Story of Joseph约瑟的故事(1)mp3下载

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少儿英语圣经故事01:Story of Joseph 约瑟的故事(1)mp3下载

"Teacher's pet! Teacher's pet!" When I was a little girl, that is what the class would call the boy or girl that seemed to be the teacher's favorite.

In our Bible lesson today, Joseph was the favorite of 12 sons. The Bible says that his old father Jacob loved Joseph best because he was the son of his old age.

Perhaps there are other reasons as well. We do know that Joseph was a very wise and obedient son even at just 17 years of age. And according to Genesis chapter 27, not all Jacob's sons were that way.

As far as we know, all Jacob's sons were shepherds. That means they watched over their father's many herds of animal. Joseph was sent by his father one day to check on 4 of his brothers. They were out in the field with the herds.

The Bible said that Joseph had to bring back an honest report of his brothers. But oh, oh, Joseph brought back to his father their evil report.

That means they were doing very bad things. What it was we don't know for there are many ways to sin. Disobeying their parents or pouting, perhaps mistreating the animals, or talking mean to each other or saying dirty things.

Oh, there are many ways to sin, but there is one everlasting punishment. The punishment for sin is that we were separated from God forever.

You know, you may look at someone else and say:"At least I don't do what they do!" But remember, God see us all as sinners.

And He saw what Jacob's sons were doing even though we don't know what it was. When Joseph brought the report back to his father, his father knew it was true for Joseph was honest.

He was a son who loved to obey and please his father, a son that could be trusted. How Jacob loved that boy, so much so that he made a special coat with many color just for Joseph. It was a coat like a king's son would wear.

You know it was probably easy for Jacob to love Joseph because Joseph was a wise and obedient son, and the son of his old age.

God loves you and me even when he sees us filthy in our sin. Isn't that sin like filthy cloth?God loves you so much, that He sent someone to change clothes with us, well sort of.

You see, when Jesus Christ died on the cross almost 2000 years ago, He took your sin and my sin that was like a filthy garment of sin upon Him, so that we can have His pure, clean righteousness that was also like a garment, or coat.

Oh how much God loved us, to do that for us, much more than Jacob could have ever loved his son Joseph.

Of course he loved him, and everybody knew it including 10 of Joseph's bothers. Now Benjamin was the baby brother, so he didn't know much about this. But those 10 older brothers saw that new coat Joseph had, and they were very upset.

And when his brothers saw that their father loved Joseph more than them, they hated him. They could not speak peaceably to him. They were thinking, not only was Joseph a little tattle tail, but he was daddy's favorite that he could get something special they couldn't get. Oh my, their hearts were so full of jealousy.

The Bible says that one night, Joseph had a dream. It was a strange dream, and when he woke up the next morning he wanted to tell someone about it.

Now, if it were you and me, would we want to tell those brothers?No, we would be so upset with them, who would want to talk to them?Do you know Joseph had such a forgiving spirit, that is exactly where he went.

And this is what he said to them. "Listen, please, I want you to hear what I dreamed. We were in the fields, and we were bundling wheat when all of a sudden, my bundle of grain stood up, and your bundle stood up too. And all of a sudden , your bundles of grain bowed to my bundle of grain."

Ohhh, how do you think his brothers felt?They spoke to him:"Are you trying to tell us that you are going to rule over us?Do you think you are going to have dominion over us?"

The Bible says "And they hated him yet the more, for his dreams and for his words." What is this jealousy going to cause Joseph's brothers to do?You can be sure it is a very shocking story next week. So don’t miss it.
圣经说因为他的梦和他所说的话,他们就更恨他了。约瑟的哥哥们会因为忌妒他会去做什么呢?你可以相信有非常令人吃惊的故事,在下个星期等着我们。千万不要错过 哦!