The Da Vinci Code  达芬奇密码

  "But, Captain... then where is Langdon now?""Have any fire alarms gone off there?""No, sir.""And no one has come out under the Grand Gallery gate?""No. We've got a Louvre security officer on the gate. Just as you requested.""Okay, Langdon must still be inside the Grand Gallery.""Inside? But what is he doing?""Is the Louvre security guard armed?""Yes, sir. He's a senior warden.""Send him in," Fache commanded. "I can't get my men back to the perimeter for a few minutes,and I don't want Langdon breaking for an exit." Fache paused. "And you'd better tell the guardAgent Neveu is probably in there with him.""Agent Neveu left, I thought.""Did you actually see her leave?""No, sir, but—""Well, nobody on the perimeter saw her leave either. They only saw her go in."Collet was flabbergasted by Sophie Neveu's bravado. She's still inside the building?


  "Handle it," Fache ordered. "I want Langdon and Neveu at gunpoint by the time I get back."As the Trailor truck drove off, Captain Fache rounded up his men. Robert Langdon had proven anelusive quarry tonight, and with Agent Neveu now helping him, he might be far harder to cornerthan expected.


  Fache decided not to take any chances.


  Hedging his bets, he ordered half of his men back to the Louvre perimeter. The other half he sent toguard the only location in Paris where Robert Langdon could find safe harbor.