there’s only one thing that defines every unconventional christmas movie: a rejection of everything you’d get from a conventional christmas movie. genres vary, though they tend toward the violent or perverse; there are a surprising number of christmas-themed horror movies (including no fewer than seven that feature a murderous santa claus), and several of the best action films ever made. these 9 offbeat christmas films may run counter to the “tidings and good cheer” of the season, and it’s tough to imagine sitting down with grandma and a mug of cocoa for a film like santa’s slay. but for anyone who barely survives a stressful day of christmas shopping, or suffers through an endless, obligatory ugly sweater party, the unconventional christmas movie is the perfect remedy.

santa claus conquers the martians (1964)


“blast off for mars… with santa and a pair of earth kids! science-fiction-fun at its height!”

when a martian sage prophesizes that the children of mars are suffering under the planet’s rigid social structure, martian leaders draw santa claus to mars, hoping that he can teach the martian children how to have fun. santa claus conquers the martians is in the public domain, so it can be viewed in its entirety on youtube for free. you’re welcome!

naughtiest moment: evil martian voldar aims a ray-gun at santa claus, threatening to “make him relax…. permanently.”

2. black christmas (1974) (also titled silent night, evil night and stranger in the house)

“if this movie doesn’t make your skin crawl… it’s on too tight!”

over the christmas holiday, a serial killer stalks through a sorority house, making lewd phone calls and murdering the young men and women inside. like many slasher films of the 1970s and 1980s, black christmas spawned a loose remake in 2006.

naughtiest moment: the killer stabs a young woman to death with a unicorn christmas ornament. door-to-door christmas carolers are singing too loudly for anyone to hear her screams.

3. silent night, deadly night (1984)

“you’ve made it through halloween, now try and survive christmas.”

after witnessing his parents’ murder at the hands of a man dressed as santa claus, a young man goes on a murder spree, killing anyone he decides is “naughty.” despite the enormous controversy surrounding this film’s release, it spawned four low-budget sequels, with the series culminating in 1990’s silent night, deadly night 5: the toymaker.

naughtiest moment: the killer, disguised in a santa claus costume, kills a teenage girl by impaling her on the antlers of a stuffed deer.

4 the nightmare before christmas (1993)

“a ghoulish tale with wicked humor and stunning animation.”

jack skellington, the “pumpkin king” of halloween town, becomes obsessed with christmas and unsuccessfully attempts to usurp the role of “sandy claws.” the nightmare before christmas works equally well as a halloween film, and has been re-released in a 3d-converted version by disney every october since 2006.
jack skellington,万圣节城的“南瓜王”,变得对圣诞节和篡夺“怪诞之夜”的角色的失败尝试格外迷恋。《圣诞夜惊魂》也是一部万圣节影片,而且从2006年开始被迪斯尼每月转换成3d版本再发行。

naughtiest moment: in his misguided attempt to take over santa’s gift-giving duties, jack skellington leaves presents that include giant snakes and shrunken heads.
惹眼时刻:在这个篡夺圣诞老人送礼物职责的尝试中,jack skellington留下了大蟒蛇还有萎缩的头骨作为礼物。
5jack frost.jpg

5. jack frost (1996)

“he’s chillin’… and killin’.”

a horror-comedy about a convicted felon who suffers a freak accident, morphs into a snowman and goes on a killing spree. not to be confused with the 1998’s michael keaton-starring family film of the same name, which is horrifying for entirely different reasons.
一个关于被特殊事件定罪的恶棍转变为雪人而陷入杀戮狂欢的惊悚喜剧。不要和1998年michael keaton领衔主演的同名电影混淆,这两部电影惹人惊悚的原因可是不一样喔。

naughtiest moment: jack frost pushes a boy in front of a sled, which decapitates him with its sharpened runners.
惹眼时刻:jack frost把一个男孩儿推到雪橇最前面,这样也使得他被残暴的奔跑者杀害。

6. bad santa (2003)

“he doesn’t care if you’re naughty or nice.”

a crooked mall santa uses his position as an opportunity to rob the mall in this hard-r black comedy. an even raunchier unrated cut, rechristened – what else? – badder santa, is available on both dvd and blu-ray.

naughtiest moment: still dressed as santa, willie has anal sex with a prostitute in the mall’s dressing room.

7. the ice harvest (2005)

“thick thieves. thin ice.”

charlie arglist, a wichita mob lawyer, attempts to steal $2 million from his employer and skip town on christmas eve. the ice harvest is based on a novel of the same name by scott phillips, which he later followed up with a prequel called the walkaway.
charlie arglist是威奇托市的一名暴民律师,企图从他的客户那里偷200万美金,然后在圣诞夜逃出城去。《绝命圣诞夜》根据scott phillips的同名小说改编而成,之后又拍摄了续集《徒步逃犯》。

naughtiest moment: after realizing that his partner intended to betray him, charlie leaves him to die of frostbite in a frozen lake.

8. santa’s slay (2005)

“spreading holiday fear this christmas…”

yet another “killer santa” movie, santa’s slay stars former professional wrestler bill goldberg as an evil santa claus, who flies around town in a sleigh driven by “hell-deer,” killing people in a variety of holiday-themed ways. santa’s slay, perhaps unsurprisingly, did not receive a theatrical release.
又是一部“圣诞杀手”的影片,《圣诞老人杀戮》中最闪耀的明星可谓是前职业摔跤选手bill goldberg了,他在影片中扮演可恶的圣诞老人,驾着“地狱驯鹿”领头的雪橇飞驰在城市上空,以节日为主题杀戮人们。《圣诞老人杀戮》,可能也不奇怪,其并没有收到多么夸张的上映效果。

naughtiest moment: the opening scene, in which santa claus punts a dog into a ceiling fan and drowns fran drescher in a vat of eggnog. (interested masochists: this scene is available on youtube).
惹眼时刻:开场时,圣诞老人把一条狗踢飞在天花板风扇中,又把fran drescher淹在一大桶蛋酒中。(受虐爱好者们:这个片段可以在youtube上观看。)

9. a very harold & kumar 3d christmas (2011)

“christmas comes prematurely.”

after kumar accidentally burns down the beloved christmas tree grown by harold’s father-in-law, the stoner duo is forced into the winter cold to save christmas before it’s too late. despite dying in the previous film, harold & kumar escape from guantanamo bay, neil patrick harris reprises his role as “neil patrick harris.”
kumar偶然间烧毁了harold岳父种下的心爱圣诞树后,碎石二人组强迫冬天寒冷下来,以在不太迟的状况下拯救即将来到的圣诞节。除了在上一部里面已经死掉,harold和kumar从关塔那摩湾出逃,neil patrick harris也重复出演了角色“neil patrick harris”。

naughtiest moment: kumar outlines a plan that includes punching a priest in the face and culminates with danny trejo ejaculating all over a christmas tree. in 3d.
惹眼时刻:kumar勾勒了正面刺杀牧师的计划,同时本片也在danny trejo在圣诞树上突然叫喊而达到了高潮。3d版本上映。



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