十大人生经典电影:A Perfect World 完美的世界


中文名: 完美的世界

外文名: a perfect world

其它译名: 强盗保镖

出品时间: 1993年

制片地区: 美国

导演: 克林特·伊斯特伍德

主演: 凯文·科斯特纳,克林特·伊斯特伍德 ,t.j. 劳瑟等

片长: 138分钟

a perfect world英文介绍

a perfect world is a 1993 drama film directed by clint eastwood, and starring kevin costner as an escaped convict who befriends a young boy (t.j. lowther), and ends up embarking on a road trip with the child. eastwood co-stars as a texas ranger in pursuit of the convict.


in 1963 texas, convicts robert "butch" haynes and terry pugh escape from the state penitentiary in huntsville. fleeing from the clutches of the law, the pair stumble into the kitchen of a house where eight-year old phillip perry lives with his devout jehovah's witness mother and two sisters. needing a hostage to aid their escape, butch grabs the boy, who meekly accompanies them. the trio's journey starts off on an unpleasant note as butch is forced to shoot his fellow escapee with a stolen revolver, following the latter's attempts at molesting the child. with his partner out of the way, the convict and his young victim take to the texas highway in a bid to flee from the pursuing police.

meanwhile, texas ranger red garnett, riding in the governor's sleek airstream trailer, is in hot pursuit of the duo. with criminologist sally gerber and trigger-happy fbi sharpshooter bobby lee in tow, ranger garnett is determined to recover the criminal and the hostage before they cross the texas border.

phillip comes from a family whose attachment to their religion forbids him from indulging in any of the normal pursuits common for children of his age. all of eight years old, the boy has never participated in halloween or christmas celebrations. escaping with butch, however, he experiences a joy of freedom which he finds exhilarating, as butch gladly allows him the kind of indulgences he has been forbidden all along, including the wearing of a shoplifted casper the friendly ghost costume. gradually, phillip becomes increasingly aware of his surroundings, and with constant encouragement from butch (whom he now sees almost as a father figure), seems to acquire the ability to make independent decisions on what is wrong and right. for his part, butch sees in the boy's innocence a bit of his own lost childhood, and slowly finds himself drawn into giving phillip the kind of fatherly presence which he himself never had.

garnett's team take up positions preparing to ambush the farm where butch and phillip have taken refuge. unwilling to leave the already wounded butch, the boy runs back and hugs him - a gesture which, along with his knowledge of butch's character and background, convinces garnett that he can resolve the situation peacefully. his plans are thwarted, however, when bobby lee, mistaking one of butch's gestures to suppose he is about to draw a gun, fires a shot into his chest and kills him. the move leaves garnett angry and frustrated at his inability to save butch and take him alive.


完美的世界是由克林特·伊斯特伍德导演,由凯文·科斯特纳,克林特·伊斯特伍德 ,t.j. 劳瑟等主演的美国片,主演讲述了万圣节的凌晨,两名罪犯――布奇(凯文·科斯特纳 kevin costner 饰)和普趁机从监狱中逃了出来,他们劫持了一辆汽车,准备向边境逃窜......故事。