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                          The author finds out that good intentions alone 

                              are not enough when his attempt to be kind to an old 

                              man leaves them both feeling worse than before.     

                             THE SAMPLER     

               In a certain store where they sell puddings,a number of these delicious

       things are laid out in a row during the  Christmas season. Here  you may se-

       lect the one which is most to your taste,and you are even allowed to sample

       them before coming to a decision. 

 5    I have  often  wondered  whether some  people,  who had  no  intention  of   

       making a purchase, would take advantage of this privilege. One day I asked 

       this question of the shop girl, and I learned it was indeed the case.

               "Now  there's  one  old  gentleman,  for  instance,"  she  told  me, "he 

       comes  here  almost every week and  samples  each  one  of  the  puddings,

10   though  he  never  buys  anything, and  I suspect  he never will. I  remember  

       him  from last year  and the year before that, too. Well, let  him  come  if he

       wants it, and  welcome to  it. And what's  more, I hope there are a lot more 

       stores where  he can  go and get his  share. He looks as  if  he  needed it all

       right, and I suppose they can afford it. "

15           She  was  still speaking when an elderly gentleman  Iimped  up  to  the 

       counter  and  began  looking  closely at  the  row  of  puddings  with  great 


             "Why, that's the  very  gentleman  I've been telling you about, "  whis-

       pered the shop girl.  "Just  watch  him  now. "  And  then turning to him:

20   "Would you like to sample them, sir? Here's a spoon for you to use. "       

              The elderly  gentleman, who was poorly but  neatly  dressed, accepted

       the  spoon and  began  eagerly to sample one after another of the puddings, 

      only breaking off  occasionally to wipe  his red eyes with a  large torn hand- 

       kerchief .

25          "This is quite good. " 

              "This is not bad either, but a little too heavy. "

              All  the time  it was  quite  evident that  he  sincerely  believed  that  he

       might eventually  buy one of these  puddings, and I am positive that he did  

       not for a moment feel that he was in any  way  cheating the store. Poor old

30   chap!  Probably he had come down in the world and this sampling  was all 

       that was left  him  from the  time when he could afford to come and  select

       his favorite pudding. 

              Amidst the crowd of  happy,prosperous  looking Christmas shoppers, 

       the little black figure of  the old  man  seemed pitiful  and out  of place,and

35   in a burst of benevolence, I went up to him and said :

              "Pardon me, sir, will you do me a favor? Let me  purchase you one of 

       these puddings. It would give me such pleasure. "

              He jumped back as if he had been stung, and the blood rushed into his 

       wrinkled face.                                        attachments/pe/Article/UploadFiles/200705/200752155826271.gif (35214 字节)

40          " Excuse   me, "   he   said,

       with more dignity than I  would  

       have thought possible consider-

       ing  his  appearance, " I  do not

       believe I  have  the pleasure  of 

45   knowing you.Undoubtedly  you

       have mistaken me  for someone 

       else."And with a quick decision

       he turned to  the  shop girl  and

       said  in a  loud  voice, "  Kindly 

50   pack me up this one  here.I will 

       take it with  me."He pointed  at

       one of the largest and most ex-

       pensive of the puddings.

              The  girl   took  down  the 

55   pudding   from  its  stand   and

       started to make a parcel of it, while  he  pulled out  a  worn little black pock-

       etbook and began  counting out shillings and  pennies on to  the counter. To

       save his "honour" he had been  forced  into a purchase which he  could  not 

       possibly afford. How I longed for the power to unsay  my tactless words! It 

       was too late though,and I  felt that  the kindest  thing I  could do now would          

       be walk away.

             "You pay at the desk, " the  shop girl  was telling  him, but  he  did  not 

       seem to understand  and  kept trying to put the  coins  into  her  hand.  And

       that was the last I saw or heard of the old man. Now  he can  never go there

       to sample puddings any more.   

                                           New Words         

     author / n.                            the writer of a book, article, play, poem,etc.


   intention / n.                         purpose 目的,意图

   sampler n .                           one wha finds out the quality of sth. by 

                                                      testing a part of it 品尝家    

   pudding / n.                         布丁(西餐中一种松软的甜点心)     

    delicious / a.                         tasting or smelling pleasant 美味的,可口的  

   select / vt.                            choose from a group 挑选 

     selection n.

     sample / vt.                          test a part of 品尝

   purchase / n.                        buying

                     vt.                       buy   

     advantnge / n.                      sth.useful or helpful 利益,好处;优点   

   privilege / n.                         special right given to a person 特权

   instance / n.                         example, case 例子,实例

   suspect / vt.                         feel doubt about;guess or suppose 怀疑;猜测 

     suspicion n.

     afford / vt.                           have the money for 买得起;担负得起  

   elderly / a.                            near old age 上了年纪的

   limp vi.                                walk with an uneven step 跛行 

   cownter / n.                          柜台   

   spoon / n.                            调羹

   eagerly / ad.                         with strong interest or impatient desire


   occasionally / ad.                  now and then; at times 偶尔; 间或  

     occasional a. 

     heavy a.                               (of food, etc.) too rich to digest easily 


   evident / a.                           plain and clear (to the eye or mind)明显的,


   sincerely / ad.                       honestly 诚恳地 

       sincere a.

     eventually / ad.                     in the end 终于,最终 

   positive / a.                          sure, certain  有把握的,确信的 

   cheat / vt.                             deceive  欺骗   

   chap / n .                              man; boy; fellow 男人;小伙子;家伙 

   amidst / prep.                       in the middle of; among ...中间 

   crowd / n.                             人群    

   prosperous / a.                     rich; successful 富裕的;成功的;昌盛的    

    prosperity / n. 

     figure n.                                外形,轮廓;体形    

   pitiful / a.                              making one feel pity 可怜的 

   benevolence / n.                    the desire to do good 仁慈  

   sting/  vt.                              prick or hurt ,wrinkle / v.                           (cause to) form into lines (使)起皱纹   

   dignity / n.                            calm and serious manner or style 尊严 

   appearance / n.                     that which can be seen; look  外表

   pack / vt.                              put (things) into boxes, cases, etc. (东西)打包(或装箱)   

     stand n.                                ();()pocketbook / n.                    a wallet for money and personal papers皮夹 

   shilling / n.                            先令 

   long vi.                                 wish eamestly 渴望 

   unsay / vt.                            take back (sth. that has been said)收回


     tactless / a.                           不策略的

   coin / n.                                metal money 硬币  

                    Phrases & Expressions  


     lay out                                    spread out 陈列 

    in a row                                  side by side in a neat line 成一长行 

    to one's taste                           in a way that one likes ...的口味,


    take advantage of                     use (sth.) for one's own benefit 利用    

    for instance                             for example 

      and what's more                      also, and more importantly 而且,更重要的是

    all right                                   certainly; beyond doubt 确实,无疑地  

    break off                                 pause 中止,中断    

    come down (in the world)        become poor; lose social position 落魄,


    out of place                            improper (for one's surroundings)不适当的;


    do sb. a favo(u)r                    do sth. kind to sb.给某人以恩惠;帮某人忙   

    mistake . . . for                       think wrongly that(sth. or sb.)is

                                                        (sth. or sb. else) ...错认为    

    pull out                                  take out 抽出,取出   

    count out                               count (things) one by one 逐一数出  

    long for                                 wish very much for 渴望