Unit 1 Women of achievement 第1单元 女人的成就(重点短语)--人教版新课标必修四第一单元学案

unit 1  women of achievement 第1单元 女人的成就(重点短语)

1. look down upon/on 蔑视;瞧不起

she looks down on people who’ve never been to university. 她瞧不起没上过大学的人。

you can’t look down upon a person because he is poor. 你不能因为某个人贫穷就瞧不起他。

i hope you don’t look down upon/on this kind of work. 我希望你不要看不起这种工作。


look on sb./ sth. as 把某人/某物看作……=consider sb./ sth. as

look on 袖手旁观;观望

look into sth. 调查;观察某事物

look up 查阅(单词、资料);向上看;好转

look (sb.) up and down 上下打量(某人)

look out for sb./sth. 警惕或留心某人/某物

look back to 回顾;回忆

look about/around 环顾四周

look after 照料 ;照看

look forward to 盼望;期待

look for 寻找

look like 看起来像

look over 检查;检阅

look through 浏览;检查

look up to 尊敬


①he was        (被人看不起) because of his humble background.

②he is        (被认为是) the leading authority on the subject.

③if you want to know how a word is used,         it         (查阅) in a dictionary.

(2)选词填空(look up/look down on/look forward to/look into)

①i’m        going to your party.

②the police have received the complaint, and they are        it.

③we should not        manual labour.

④please        these words in your dictionary.

答案: (1) ①looked down on ②looked on as ③look; up

         (2) ① looking forward to ② looking into ③ look down on ④ look up

2. refer to 谈到;查阅;参考;查询;提及;指……而言


refer to sb./sth. as 把某人/物称作

refer sth. to 把某事提交

refer sb. to 让某人向……求助


refer to/consult/look up

refer to和consult都可作“查阅(词典、参考书等)”讲,表此意时两词可以互换。

look up 意为“(在词典、时刻表等中)查找……”。

we agreed never to refer to the matter again. 我们同意不再谈论这件事了。

she thought i was referring to her daughter when we were talking. 当我们谈话时她以为我指的是她的女儿。


①although she didn’t mention any names, everyone knew who she was        (谈到).

②he gave the speech        (没有参阅) his notes.

③he likes to        (被称为) “doctor khee”.

④my doctor        me        (向……求助) a hospital specialist.


①the professor        at the meeting will give us a lecture next week.(2010·01·山东青州二中模块检测)
a. referred  b. referred to
c. referring d. referring to

②if you are not sure of the meaning of this word, you can         the dictionary.(2010·浙江萧山质量检测)
a. refer to   b. look up
c. see        d. make use of

③during his stay in our college, he often began his talk by         this past experience as a soldier.(2010·01·江西南昌检测)
a. turning to b. referring to
c. sticking to d. speaking to

④using a long stick, the teacher         a place on the map and asked the children to name it.(2010·01·江苏启东检测)
a. got down to b. pointed to
c. referred to d. came to

答案:(1) ①referring to ②without referring to ③ be referred to as ④ referred; to

(2) ① 解析:选b。句意为:在会议上被提到的那位教授下周将给我们作一次讲座。用refer to的过去分词形式作后置定语,表示被动。

② 解析:选a。refer to在句中作“查阅”讲,b项结构应为look up the word in the dictionary。

③ 解析:选b。考查词义辨析。turn to的意思是“求助于”,但其宾语是人,不可以是物;refer to的意思是“参考;查询;谈到;提到”;stick to的意思是“坚持”。

④ 解析:选b。 考查短语辨析。get down to的意思是“开始;着手”,后跟名词或动名词;point to的意思是“指着;指向”;refer to的意思是“参考;提到”;come to的意思是“达到”。

3. come across=run across=meet by chance (偶然) 遇见;碰见


come about = happen 发生

come from 来自

come out 出现;开花;出版或发表;透露;显出

come up 升起;发生;出现

come up with sth. 找到或提出(答案﹑办法等)

come to 谈到;涉及

i came across an old school friend in oxford street this morning. 今天早上我在牛津大街碰见一位老校友。

she came across some old photographs in a drawer. 她在一个抽屉里偶然发现了一些旧照片。


mr brown, could you tell me how the differences between american english and british english ? (2010·01·山东济南检测)
a. came about b. came to
c. came up d. came across


①i        some new words while reading.

②his new book will        next month.

③she        a new idea for increasing sales.

④can you tell me how the accident        ?

⑤how did it        that he knew where we were?

(1)解析:选a。考查词义辨析。come about意为“产生”,符合句意;come to意为“达到(某个数字)”;come across意为“偶然遇到;从……上走”;come up意为“来到”。

(2)① came across ②come out ③came up with ④came about ⑤come about

4. carry on 继续;坚持

let’s carry on our homework. 让我们继续做我们的家庭作业。

we must carry on until the rescue team arrived. 我们必须坚持下去直到救援队到来。


carry out 执行;实施

carry away 带走;冲走

carry off 夺去

we will carry out the plan as soon as it is made. 这个计划一制定出来,我们就会执行。

we planted many trees to stop the water from carrying away the soil. 我们种这么多树的目的是阻止土壤流失。


do you mind if i        with my work while you are getting tea ready.(2010·01·山东胜利一中检测)
carry out       b. come on
c. carry on    d. go over

解析:选c。carry on 在这里是“继续下去”的意思。a项有一定干扰性。 carry out 也有“进行,开展”的意思,然而carry on为不及物动词,而 carry out为及物动词。