96-1 The Double Seven Festival七夕节

90-1 A Poor Appetite食欲不振

88-2 The Engine Trouble 引擎故障

83-2 Filial Piety 孝顺父母

82-2 New Car — Hydrogen Cars 新型汽车——氢燃料汽车

77-1 Job-Hunting 找工作

75--2 The Bungee Jumping 蹦极

74-2 The Oscar 奥林卡颁奖典

72-2 Booking Airline Tickets 订机票

65-1 American Traditional Festival Christmas 美国传统节曰

61-1 A Recording 录音广播

60-1 Study Abroad 出国留学

54-1 Cooking with Mom和妈妈一起做饭

51-1 Robust Muscles 强健的肌肉

50-1 A Colorful Vacation 多彩的假期

48-1 Prescription 开处方

46-1Trip in Vancouver温哥华之旅

45-1 The Bill is Wrong 帐单有误

43-2 The Beautiful Scenery of the Country 乡间美景

38-2 a lovely day 好天气

33-3 The Drought Came 旱灾来了

32-2 There is a Thief 小偷光顾

31-1 Brave Choice 勇敢决择

29-1 Booking Airline Tickets 机票预定

27-1 The Weather at the Weekend 周末的天气

21-1 The Problem of Water pollution 水污染问题

新概念名言第2册 Lesson 8

19-1 A Great Ballet 优秀的色蕾舞剧

17-1 The Secret to Keep Fit保持健康的秘密

16-1 No Smoking 禁止吸烟

13-1 It is None of My Business与我无关

9-1 How Time Flies 时光飞逝

新概念第二册习惯用语:Lesson 49

新概念第二册习惯用语:Lesson 4

新概念第二册习惯用语:Lesson 3

新概念第二册习惯用语:Lesson 1


A cold welcome 冷遇-新概念英语第二册自学导读笔记第09课

Good news 佳音-新概念英语第二册自学导读笔记第15课

Lesson 17 Always young 青春常驻

Lesson 27 A wet night 雨夜

23:A New House 新居

44:Through the Forest 穿过森林

60:The Future 卜算未来

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