Lesson 27 A wet night 雨夜


【New words and expressions】 生词和短语

★tent n. 帐篷

★field n. 田地,田野
airfield 飞机场(介词用on)
in the field
in one's field 在...领域
He is an expert in his field.
football field 足球场地

★smell v. 闻起来
smell 作半联系动词,接表语,接形容词
The food smelt good.
You look fine.
You look better.
You look beautiful.
taste 尝起来
The food smelt good,and it tasted better.
sound 听起来
look taste sound smell feel
feel;⑴感到 I feel ill.
⑵用手的感受,The blackbroad felt cold.

★wonderful adj. 极好的
Great ! Excellent !  brilliant  fantastic
She is an excellent teacher.

★campfire n. 营火,篝火
fire 可数也不可数

★creep v. 爬行
climb the tree. climb up or down
crawl / The baby is crawling on the floor.
creep out 蹑手蹑脚
climb crawl creep

★sleeping bag 睡袋
passing plane 正在路过的飞机
动词加ing 变成形容词作定语有二个意思:
⑴ 正在...
⑵ 用来做...
sleeping bag/sleeping dog
listening material
walking stick 拐杖

★comfortable adj. 舒适的,安逸的

★soundly adv. 香甜地
sleep soundly
go to beg/go to sleep/fall asleep坠入梦乡/sleep well/sleep deeply
fast/fall fast asleep

★leap v. 跳跃,跳起
jump up and down原地跳跃
leap 跳跃,有距离
skip Let us skip it?
Look before you leap.三思而后行
leap year/month 闰年/月

★heavily adv. 大量地
rain/snow heavily  He smokes heavily.
smoke heavily

★stream n. 小溪

★form v. 形成

★wind v. 蜿蜒
wind one's way 蜿蜒而行
The road winds its way.

★right adv. 正好
right 做副词时强调后边的形容词,副词,介词短语,不强调动词
just like/just as
后边加代词时只能用just.  just you
Right here.
Right here waiting for you.
in the garden
I found my lost watch right in the graden.

First listen and then answer the question.
What happened to the boys in the night?

Late in the afternoon, the boys put up their tent in the middle of a field. As soon as this was done, they cooked a meal over an open fire. They were all hungry and the food smelled good. After a wonderful meal, they told stories and sang songs by the campfire. But some time later it began to rain. The boys felt tired so they put out the fire and crept into their tent. Their sleeping bags were warm and comfortable, so they all slept soundly. In the middle of the night, two boys woke up and began shouting. The tent was full of water! They all leapt out of their sleeping bags and hurried outside. It was raining heavily and they found that a stream had formed in the field. The stream wound its way across the field and then flowed right under their tent!




wet 发义词是 dry
wet.... 湿淋淋的
My idea is the same as yours.
I agree with you.
I think so.
You are wet.
moist:稍湿   moist cake 松软的蛋糕  moist eyes 水灵灵的眼睛
humid 指气候比较潮湿
A rainy night...多雨的夜晚
Late in the afternoon.傍晚
early in the morning  清早
put up 搭建/强调搭
build 建/强调精心设计并且建造
make a desk
build a car
in the middle of 在...中间
in the center of 在...中心
in the middle of the river 河中心
midnight  午夜
the mid-autumn day 中秋节
as soon as 一...就... /当...
open fire 在野外生的火,篝火
over 垂直的上面
cook a meal 做一顿饭
with a bag
in sweater
After I arrived,
When the plane arrived,
after the arrival of the plane
After my arrival
After his arrival, we have a party.
After the arrival of the flowers,I took them and went to my girlfriend's
tell story 讲故事
by 在...旁边  near/beside/at/by
at the door
sit at the table
by the river
next to
He sits next to me.
who is the next?
the next door to my house
near 在附近
beside/next to 与...相邻
at the door 紧挨着
near the village
next to /beside the village
at the table
by the river
some time later 一段时间之后  some time ago 一段时间以前
a few hours earlier
put out 人为的熄灭火
be out 火自动熄灭
I put out the fire.
The fire is out.
in the middle of the night=midnight
at midnight 在午夜
wake up 醒来  主语自己醒
wake sb up 唤醒
begin doing/start doing/begin to do/start to do
leap out of 跳出来
When I'm getting close to the door,the door opened.
The door opened.
The door was opened.
river formed
The bus stopped 自动的
The bus was stopped 人为的
wound one's way 蜿蜒而行
flow 流淌

right 正好,恰好,强调后边的介词短语

【Letter writing】


knock 大声地撞
against 相对作用的力
I have a pain
My hand hurts.
I have a pain in my hand.

【Special difficulties】

put up with 容忍
put up 搭建
put out...扑灭
put on 穿上
put away 把...收好
Your room is untidy,put your things away.
put off 推延

2.put...up 安排住宿
6.put up spoil 毁坏
7.put off推延
8.put up with  get divorce 离婚

【Multiple choice question】

beside  在...旁边
besides 除...之外
my closest friends
close to 表示离...最近
close to me 离我很近
at the door; at the window; at the table

9.d  The fire was out.
be on 上演,亮着的
What's on in the cinema today?
The lights were on last night.
switch n.开关
on fire 起火
alight 以a开头的形容词为表语形容词