Describe personality


1. I think I am somewhat on the shy side.

1. 我想我有点儿害羞。

2. I am a curious person, and I like to learn new things.

2. 我是一个充满好奇心的人,而且喜欢学习新的事物。

3. In handling angry customers, Im patient but firm. ,

3. 应付生气的顾客时,我很有耐心但也很坚决。

4. I may look dull and uninteresting, but youll be surprised when you get to know better. 

4. 我看起来也许呆板、无趣,但是你进一步了解我以后就会感到惊讶。

5. I approach things very passionately, and I can take on jobs that trouble others and work at them slowly until they get down. ,

5. 我做事很热心,能承担烦人的工作,然后慢慢研究,直到解决问题。

6. Frankly, I think Im an extrovert, so I dont like to work with introverted persons.~-

6. 坦率地讲,我是一个外向的人,因此不大喜欢和内向的人一起工作。

7. Well, I wouldnt like to call myself inward-looking though sometimes I like to think independently and enjoy staying all myself, and often I like sharing activities with others.  ~*

7. 我不算内向,尽管有时候我喜欢独立思考,自己一个人独处,但我更多是和大家~*起参加活动。

8. Im not very outward-looking. I dont try to go a-head of people and direct them. Id rather work together with somebody else, and get the job done by cooperation. ,

8. 我不是很外向,我不想在别人前头指挥别人。我宁愿和别人一起工作,合作完成任务。

9. On certain social affairs I think Im rather conservative, such as birth without marriage. But I am also open-minded on other social affairs, such as the social reforms. , ,

9. .在一些社会问题上,如未婚先孕,我比较保守。但是在另一些问题上我就比较开放了,如社会的改革。

10. Im not so eloquent and a little shy in public, perhaps thats my weak point. But I am careful and patient in doing things. 

10. 我不善言谈,在大众面前有点害羞,或许这是我的弱项。但是我做事耐心仔细。

11. Sometimes I would lose my temper, at present I learn to be tolerant and to control my temper.

11. 有时我会发脾气,现在我正学着去宽容和控制自己。

12. I am proud of my strong will and never withdrawing from frustrations, but sometimes I am not so patient in doing things. 

12. 我以我坚强的意志和从不退缩为骄傲,但是有时候做事就不那么有耐心了。

13. I have a strong team spirit. I like to work with others in cooperation. And I am always willing to lend my hand to others and modest enough to leam from others?  ,

13. 我有很强的团队精神。喜欢和别人一起合作工作。同时也喜欢帮助别人,虚心向别人求教。

14. As a student just graduated from school, Im a little shy around people. Thats perhaps my weak point. But Im willing to learn from others, and like to do my job and communicate with people with patience. , 

14. 作为一名刚毕业的学生,在别人面前我还有点害羞,这或许是我的弱项。但是我乐于向别人学习,也愿意耐心地做事和与人交往。

15. I think for me the most important thing to be happy is to have a stable and cozy family. When you have such a family you will have no worries outside, and you will devote yourself to your work, then you will be successful in your career.   

15. 对我来说,我认为快乐最重要就是有一个稳定和睦的家庭。有了这样一个家庭在外就不会担心,就会全身心地投人工作,事血上就会成功。

16. I hold that the most important thing is to have good friends. I think a person cant live all by himself, so it takes a lot of people working together. When you encounter difficulties, usually it is your friends that help you out. So the more close friends I have, the happier I am.   , ,

16. 我觉得最重要的就是有很多好朋友。人不可能事事靠自己,而是需要很多人一起合作。遇到困难时,通常是朋友帮你渡过难关。因此拥有的好朋友越多,我就越快乐。

17. I cherish that the success in career is the most important to me. As a man, career must stand in the first placeto be successful in ones career must be the dream of every man.

17. .我认为事业的成功对我最重要。作为一个男人,事业应该是第一位的,事业成功是每个男人的梦想。

18. Time is money and efficiency is life. Whatever I do, I always seize the day and attach importance to efficiency.o

18. 时间就是金钱,效率就是生命不管我做什么,我总是抓紧时间,注重效率。

19. I keep on learning from others in my work. Because I think in the new century if you dont renew your mind, you will fall behind and be superseded by others.  ,

19. 我一直不断地在工作中向他人学习。因为我知道在新世纪里,如果不及时更新观念,就会落后于时代,从而被他人取代。

20. Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today. Procrastination makes ones feel like he's a-chieved nothing in life.

20. 今日事,今日毕。拖拖拉拉会使人一事无成。

21. A strong body comes first. Nowadays many people feel tired working at a rapid pace, so a strong body is the foundation of ones career. 

21. 身体第一。如今快节奏的工作让很多人力不从心,因此好的身体是事业的基础。

22. I approach things very enthusiastically, I thinkI dont like to leave something half-done. It makes me nervousI cant concentrate on something else until the first thing is finished.  

22. 我做事非常热心,我不喜欢把事情做一半,那会让我紧张——除非第一件事做完,否则我无法专心做别的事。

23. Sometimes I want to be by myself, but most of the time I prefer being with a group of people, so I guess youd say rather outgoing. I was very active in my university club.~  

23. 有时候我想要单独个人,但是大部分时间我比较喜欢和其他人在一起,所以我想你会说我相当外向。我在大学的社团里非常活跃。

24. Sometimes I want to be alone and sometimes I feel embarrassed when I meet the female friends, so youd say that Im rather reserved.  

24. 有时候我会想独处而且有时候我一碰到女性的朋友,就感到局促不安,所以我可以算是比较偏于内向的。

25. I think that I am a very disciplined person. . . I think every successful salesperson must be disciplined. Also, Im very organized. I like to break problems down into manageable parts and accomplish each part in a step-by-step way.   

25. 我认为我是一个训练有素的人……我认为一个成功的销售员必须受过训练。还有,我做事非常有条理。我喜欢把问题分成若干个小部分,逐步地解决。

26. I think I am too impatient at times. When I set a goal for myself, I know there will be obstacles a-long the way. But I sometimes feel impatient and frustrated when I cant reach the goal according to my schedule.  

26. 我有时过于性急。我给自己定目标时,我知道要达到它一定会有困难。但是,在我不能按期达到我的目标时,我就会急躁和沮丧。

27. Im very responsible, I can make fast decisions and I do not need much supervision. I enjoy completing challenging tasks. ,

27. 我是一个责任心很强的人,我做事果断,而且我工作时不需要上司的监督。我乐于完成有挑战性的任务。

28. I am an exact man and I keep diary for ten years. I believe I an suitable for the work of Manager Assistant.,10 

28. 我是个讲求精确的人,10年里我坚持记日记。我相信自己适合经理助理这一工作。

29. I feel that my enthusiasm, diligence, and adaptability could compensate for the lack of experience. 

29. 我觉得我的工作热情、勤奋精神和适应能力能弥补我在经验上的不足。

30. Frankly speaking, I am a typical Chinese workaholic. I dont mind working late at night. Due to that, I tend to leave the office late. 

30. 老实说,我是个典型的中国式工作狂。工作到深夜也无所谓。因而我经常很晚才下班。

31. My biggest demerit is that I dont tend to innovate. That is not to say, I am unable to innovate, but I will firstly think about how to implement things effectively. 

31. 我最大的缺点是我不太想创新。这并不是说我没有能力创新,而是我首先考虑的是如何有效地实施。

32. I am a steady and thoughtful girl. I treat everything seriously. Routine and strict study in university has cultivated me to a highly self disciplined person, and I treat this discipline as the guide of my life. On the other hand, I am energetic in thinking and action, because it is necessary for a successful marketing manager. I am not a fashionable-follower, but I can broadly accept fresh things with careful consideration.      

32. 我是个沉稳深思的女孩。我认真地对待每一件事。规律而又严谨的大学生活让我变得高度自律,我把这种自律视为人生的向导。在另一个方面,我在思考和行为上非常活跃,因为对一个成功的市场经理来说,这是必需的。我不是个赶时髦的人,但在仔细思考后,我可以广泛地接受新鲜事物。

33 I enjoy my life very much. Life contains not only sweet success but also bitter failure and suffering. I accept it as a formula that no pain, no gain. Suffering is a good teacher for ones growth. No matter what difficulty confronts me, I will treat it with all my enthusiasm as well as my smile. Of course, I am not capable to do all things perfectly, but I try my best. If I failed, I will quest myself, make clear what my problems are and try to avoid them next time.  ,   ,, ,

33 我享受生活。生活不仅包含了甜蜜的成功,还有苦涩的失败和痛苦。对“没有耕耘,就没有收获”这句话,我奉为金科玉律。苦难是人成长的好老师。不管面对什么样的困难,我都会微笑着充满热情地对待。当然,我并不能做到十全十美,但是我尽最大的努力。如果失败,我会反省,弄清楚问题出在什么地方,尽量避免它们再次出现。