英语美文爱情故事篇03:Grandpa's Bee 祖父的蜜蜂(中英)

Grandpa's Bee


A long time before I was born, my Grandma and Grandpa moved into the house on Beechwood Avenue. They had a young family of 4 little girls. The little girls slept in the attic in a big feather bed. It was cold there on winter night. Grandma put hot bricks under the covers at the foot of the bed to keep the little girls warm.


During the Great Depression, work was hard to find, so Grandpa did whatever jobs he could. He dug ditches during the week and on weekend he and Grandma dug a garden to grow some of their own food.

大萧条时期,工作很难找,爷爷什么苦工都做。在平时他 挖沟渠,周末和奶奶在花园里挖挖锄锄,种点自己的粮食。

The house on Beechwood Avenue had a big front yard with shade trees and fruit trees. In the middle of the yard was a water punip where the four little girls pumped water for cooking, cleaning and watering the garden. On one side of the yard, Grandma and Grandpa planted tomatoes, beans, squash, cucunibers, peppers and strawberries to feed their growing family. They planted roses, lilacs and irises on the other side of the yard, around the statue of the Blessed Mother.

比奇乌大道的房子有个大前院,院子里种着浓荫遮蔽的 大树和果树。院中央的是个水泵,小女孩们就在这里泵水用来 做饭、打扫卫生、灌溉花园。奶奶和爷爷在院子的一边种上番 茄、豆子、南瓜、黄瓜、辣椒和草莓,供应这个大家庭的食用。在 另一边,他们围着圣母的雕像种了玫瑰、丁香和蝴蝶花。

Everybody worked to keep the garden growing. All summer long, the family ate food from the garden and enjoyed the beautiful flowers. Grandma put up strawberry jam, tomatoes, beans, peppers, pears and peaches in canning jam. They were good to eat through the long winter.

人人都辛勤地耕种花园,使它更加茂盛。整个夏天,我们一家人吃着花园种出的食物,欣赏着花园里的美丽花朵。奶奶 还把做好的草莓酱、番茄、豆子、辣椒、梨子和桃子装进罐子里,使它们的美味能保持一整个漫长的冬天。

The family grew up, and before too many years had passed, the grandchildren came to visit. Grandma and Grandpa still planted their garden every spring. Everyone still enjoyed the good food from the garden and always took some home.

多年过去,孩子们长大,孙子孙女们也来到了世上。奶奶 和爷爷仍然每年春天都耕种花园。人人都能分享花园种出的 好东西,也总能带上一些回家里。

Grandchilden grow up, and grandparents grow older. It became harder for Grandma and Grandpa to keep up the garden. So they made it a little smaller. There was still plenty to eat from the garden and lovely flowers to enjoy.

孙子孙女们长大了,爷爷、奶奶年迈古稀。维护花园花去 他们更多的精力,所以他们缩小了些花园的面积。但里面种出 来的食物还足够吃,花朵也还招人喜爱。

Then one summer when Grandpa was eighty-nine years old, all he could do was watch from his lawn chair as the vegetables grew and the roses bloomed. Summer slowly faded, and Grandpa died before it was time to bring in the harvest.

等到爷爷八十九岁的那个夏天,他只能坐在草地的椅子 上,看蔬菜长大,玫瑰开花。夏日渐渐消逝,爷爷在丰收前就去世了。

It was a lonely winter for Grandma. She sat near the window, looking out at the yard and wondering if she could plant the garden in the spring. It would be hard to care for it by herself. When spring came, she planted only a little garden.

对奶奶来说,这是个寂寞的冬天。她坐在窗边,望着外边 的院子,考虑着来年春天还能不能耕种花园。只靠她自己来打理太难了些。当春天来到时,她只稍微种了一点。

One sunny day in the early summer, Grandma heard a commotion in the front yard and looked out the window to see a frightening sight a gigantic swann of bees filled the air between two tall trees. There was thousands of bees in the air, so many that the swarm reached the tree-tops! The buzzing sound was tremendous. Grandma watched as the bees made their way into a hole up in one of the trees.Before long, every one of those bees had disappeared into its new home.

初夏的一天,阳光灿烂,奶奶听到前院传来一阵骚动声, 她看出窗外,看到可怕的一幕。两棵大树上满满缀着大团的蜜 蜂。空中还飞舞着成千上万只,多不胜数的蜂群一直排到树梢 上!嗡嗡声不绝于耳。奶奶看见这些蜜蜂先后钻进一棵树上高 高的树洞中。很快,所有的蜜蜂都搬进新家,消失了。

Grandma wondered what in the world she could do. Should she hire someone to get rid of bees? That would cost more than she could afford. She decided to wait and think it over.


During the next few days, the bees were busy making, their own business. Grandma could always see a few bees buzzing in and out around the opening high in the tree. Before long, she decided the bees won’t bother anyone, so she went about her business and didn’t give them any other thought.


That summer, Grandma’s little garden grew and grew. The neighbors would stop to admire the huge crop of vegetables and puzzle over their own gardens weren’t doing well. No matter, because Grandma had enough give some away. Of course, everyone who came to visit was treated to a meal of good things from the garden.

那年夏天,奶奶的小花园硕果累累。邻居们都驻足羡慕里 面生长出丰盛的蔬菜,纳闷怎么自己花园的长势就没有这么喜人?没关系,因为奶奶有好多可以送人。登门来访的人当然都 有花园里的美味来招待。

One day, Grandma’s brother Frank visited from Arizona. As Grandma made Frank a delicious lunch of squash pan cakes and home made apple sauce, she told him the story about the swarm of bees.

一天,奶奶的弟弟法兰克从亚利桑那州前来拜访。奶奶给他做了一顿香喷喷的午饭,有南瓜饼,有自制的苹果酱,她还把 蜜蜂的故事告诉了法兰克。

Frank said, “in Arizona, the farmers often hired beekeepers to set up beehives near their fields. The bees pollinated the crops and helped them to grow.”


That was when Grandma realized that her bees had helped with her garden all summer.


“So that’s why my little garden had such a big crop! ” she exclaimed.

“所以我的小花园才有了大丰收! ”她大声地说道。

From that time on, Grandma always believed that since Grandpa couldn’t be there to help her that summer, he had sent the bees to take his place and make Grandma’s little garden grow and grow...