Reporter: I'm here with Jamie Dimon. Thank you for stepping out of the hearing and talking to us. Tell me what your reaction is. How did it go in there?

记者:我现在与杰米?戴蒙先生在一起, 很感谢您能够暂别听证会来参加我们的 谈话节目。请跟我们说一下您的反应, 事情是如何发展到这个地步的呢?

Dimon: I think it's completely appropriate that the government looked into a situation like this. It’s unprecedented and has future implications of policies. I think the senators asked smart questions and they are thinking about the right issues.

戴蒙:我认为,政府调查这个情况的举 动是非常恰当的,这是史无前例的,并 且对未来政策的制定也是有积极影响 的。我认为参议员们提出的问题都是很 明智的问题,他们所考虑的事情也都是 值得考虑的。

Reporter: Can you give us a sense of how it went down on that weekend, how you came up with the valuation of $2 and then $10,how it was that you actually came up with this price.

记者:您能跟我们说一下周末时事情是 怎样发展的吗?您是怎样首先估价2美 元,然后又变成了 10美元呢?您到底 是如何得出这个价格的呢?

Dimon: It’s really hard to do that because I think it’s unprecedented in the 48-hour period that two companies and the government get together and pull up a transaction like that. A lot of the price had much more looking at the downside, how much risk could JPMorgan bear. Not the upside. We want to make sure that JPMorgan was never put in a position where its financial position was jeopardized in any way,shape, or form.

戴蒙:那是很难做的,因为我们无法预 测在接下来的48小时内,政府会与两 个公司一起合作并且进行了一场交易。无论摩根集团能够承受多大的风险,很 多价格看起来都是呈现下降趋势,而不 是上升趋势。我们想要确保摩根集团在 金融界的地位不会受到任何程度上的损 害,无论是形式还是构成方面。

Reporter: And you’re talking about a risk of 300 billion of assets.


Dimon: That’s correct. And we took an unprecedented guarantee of customers & liabilities and I think the Bear Stearns employees, we want to win their hearts and minds, we think they have some great people. They’ve been there for a long time. They are proud and should be proud. So we want to welcome a lot of them to our company too.

是的。我们用史无前例数量的 顾客和债务来做担保,我们想 要臝得贝尔斯登公司员工的心, 使他们信任我们。我想贝尔斯 登公司有很多很伟大的人,他 们在自己的岗位上已经做了很 久,他们感到很骄傲,也应该 感到骄傲。所以我们也非常欢 迎他们能够来到我们的公司。

Reporter: A lot of people talking about the relationship between you and Tim Geithner, how you and the fed got involved. Were there any other bidders at the table? Yours was the only bank that had the capacity to do this.

记者:很多人都谈论您和提姆-盖特纳之间的关系,谈论您和美联储是 怎样涉及于此的。那里还有其他的投标 人吗?还是摩根集团是有能力那样做的 唯一一个集团。

Dimon: I know other people that there were there and in the proxy they will have to disclose some of that but I think—and I'm going to speak about Tim Geithner and secretary treasury Paulson and chairman of the receive Bemanke I think we’re lucky to have public officials that dedicated, hard, creative and can go to work around the clock like they did.

戴蒙:我还认识其他一些相关人员,在 代理权问题上他们必须要向人?们表明一 些什么,但是我想,我现在要谈论一下 提姆盖特纳,财政大臣保尔森以及伯 南克。我想,我们能够有像他们这样乐 于奉献的、努力工作的、有创造力的、 并且能够昼夜不停工作的人,我们真的 很幸运。

Reporter: What are you expecting as far as the shareholder vote when that happens, as far as the Bear Morgan conclusion.

记者:当股东们开始进行投票选举的时 候,当最终结果还没有出来的时候,您 期望会发生些什么呢?

Dimon: The additional guaranties, the higher price the fact that we are going to own 39.5% is a foregone conclusion.

戴蒙:额外的保证以及更高的价格,实际上我们将拥有其39.5%的股份, 这是我们意料之中的结果。

Reporter: The environment was a big part of that in there. Where would you say we are in terms of the ending?

记者:环境也是其中很大的一部 分。您在什么时候会说我们已经 得到我们想要的结果了呢?

Dimon: I never forecast the future because no one really knows. I try to make sure as a company we’re prepared for additional bad times or hopefully good times. But I just don’t know.

戴蒙:我从来不对未来做预言, 因为没有人会真正的知道未来会 发生什么事情。我试图确保,作 为一个公司,我们已经为不景气 或者是我们所希望的繁荣都做好 了准备,但是我不知道未来会发 生什么。

Reporter: Can you give me a sense of what you’ll be keeping as far the Bear Steams portfolio?

记者:您能告诉我们,您将会保持对贝 尔斯登的投资不变吗?

Dimon: We're treating it like a real merger. We’re trying to bring in all their prime correspondents, brokers, equity, bear energy really try to get the best of both companies.

戴蒙:我们将把那视为一次真正的合 并,我们会试着接纳他们原有的所有主 要的通讯员、代理商、普通股以及能源 等,来充分的利用两个公司的优势。

Reporter: You only had 48 hours to do the due diligence, correct?

记者:您只有48个小时去进行尽职审 查,是吗?

Dimon: That’s correct.


Reporter: That had to be a huge risk.


Dimon: It’s the last time I will ever do something like that. You have to know that there were 200 people in JPMorgan and probably an equal amount of people from Bear Steams working around the clock, didn't go to sleep for a two or three-day period and just watching that teamwork of those folks really is something special. You should know, we really went out of our way to try to get every last person a job because there will be job loss in this but we want to make sure those great people find other financial companies in New York and maybe CNBC.

戴蒙:这将是我最后一次做这样的事 情。你必须要知道,在摩根集团有200 个人,贝尔斯登里也许也有这么多人, 大家都是在彻夜不眠地工作着,两三天 的时间不睡觉,就是为了看那些人的共 同努力是会起到一定作用的。你应该知 道,我们真的不厌其烦的为每一个人都 安排好工作,因为如果我们不那样做的 话,失业率就会上升,我们会尽力确保 那些优秀的人们都能够在纽约的金融公 司或者是美国财经频道有一份工作。

Reporter: OK. Tell me what it was like to be in the middle of the storm. The storm that you’ve been in for a year, knowing the pressures, knowing the pain that so many people were beginning to suffer, knowing the uncertainty that existed in the country as we watched this go from catastrophe to catastrophe to catastrophe, watching a government trying to do something, but not knowing exactly what to do.

记者:好的。那么请跟 我们说一下现在处于金 融风暴之中的感受,金 融危机已经有一年的时 间了,了解到其中的一 些压力,了解到人们所 承受的痛苦,了解到我 们国家中的一些不确定 性,到处都是灾难,看到政府想要为此 做些什么但是却又不知道该做些什么的 场景,您对此都有些什么看法呢?

Dimon: You’re right. There’s not an owner’s manual of how to deal through this kind of an event or this kind of a market.

戴蒙:是的,没有人能够通过自己的力 量来解决这次的困难,或者是救助这样 一个遭受打击的市场。

Reporter: Because it’s once in a lifetime.


Dimon: It is unprecedented.


Reporter: Because of the housing crisis and the collapse of the bubble and all of that.

记者:那是由于房产危机和经济泡沫的 破灭而导致的。

Dimon: Exactly. And so-and so a lot of the right things have been done,but not everything that has been done has worked.

戴蒙:是的,所以人们采取了很多恰当 的措施,但并不是每项措施都有效的发 挥了其自身的作用。

Reporter: Which brings me to this question. The issue in many cases is when will we have all this rescue effort taking effect so that banks will begin to do more of the function they do, which is lend money?

记者:这使我想到了一个问题,那就是 我们所采取的补救措施什么时候能够发 挥作用,那样的话银行除了借钱给人 们,还能够发挥很多其他的作用。

Dimon: It’s starting to happen. I think it is happening. It’s not fair to say that lending isn’t happening. It’s just fair to say it isn’t happening in the same quantity in which it has happened.

戴蒙:我想银行已经开始发挥作用了, 现在正在发挥其他作用。说银行没有向 外贷款是不公平的,我们应该说只不过 没有以前那么多罢了。

Reporter: By a wide margin.


Dimon: Again, different things in different areas.

戴蒙:不同的事物在不同的领域会不同 而已。

Reporter: But that’s a trust and confidence that you have got to acknowledge was there. Banks were not willing to loan to each other, because they didn’t know the financial circumstance of the other bank.

记者:但是你必须要承认,现在,信任和信心还是存在的。银行过去不愿意借 钱给彼此,是因为他们不了解其他银行 的金融情况。

Dimon: It’s an issue for Wall Street. It's an issue for Main Street. It’s an issue for the central bankers. It’s an issue for the Treasury. Our combined issue, step number one, is you have got to restore confidence, because confidence is a necessary condition for anything else.

戴蒙:这是华尔街遇到的问题,这是主 体街遇到的问题,这对于中央的银行家 来说是个问题,这对于财政部来说 也是个问题。我们一个共同的问题 就是,我们必须要重拾信心,因为 信心是保证一切事物的必要条件。

Reporter: There are many people who believe that people who lead financial institutions who got us in this economic catastrophe in part because of these toxic securities owe an apology to the American people and those people who’ve suffered so much because of it and those who risked their jobs and lots of other things. Isn’t that appropriate, to ask explanation and apology for what has happened and what this country is going through, on the part of the leaders of the financial community, who helped and OK  and made the decisions that got us where we are now?

记者:很多人认为,那些领导金融 机构的人就是使得我们进入这次经 济危机的人,他们应该为那些不良 的有价证券向美国人民道歉,向那 些因此承受很多苦难的人道歉,那 些人可能因为这次经济危机而失去 了工作,失去了很多东西。为了那 些已经发生的事情,为了我们国家 现在正在经历的事情。向那些金融机构 的领导人要求一个解释和道歉,是恰当 的做法吗?是他们帮助并通过的决策把 我们带入今天的处境。

Dimon: And I can completely understand how people on Main Street, people who are not close to this industry, would be furious at what has happened,and furious at kind of where we’ve gotten to. In lots of different ways that is affecting them. And their housing prices are down; their nest eggs are down. I mean, there’s a lot that’s going on, which is something that would make me extremely furious.

戴蒙:我完全能够理解为什么主体街上 的人们,那些不了解我们产业的人们, 会对发生的这一切以及我们要做的事感 到如此愤怒。我知道,经济危机从很多 方面都影响着他们。他们的房产价格下 降,他们为养老储蓄减少。我的意思 是,现在确实是有很多正在发生的事情 也使我感觉很愤怒。

Reporter: And they are furious in many ways, as you know.


Dimon: Exactly.


Reporter: OK. We now have had some idea about it.

记者:好的,我们现在对此已经有了一 定的了解。